Chevron Fleet

Anyone know the current status of the Chevron fleet? The Oregon Voyager recently went to OSG (not back to Seabulk). Did Chevron get another newer ship from Seabulk to replace her? Any other swaps upcoming?

Probably unrelated, but Seabulk was posting for several 1 A/E’s and C/E’s recently. The rumor mills is dry as to why…

Yes, Chevron is getting one back from Seabulk. The Constitution maybe? I can’t remember.

You would have been surprised if you had Googled on ‘chevron fleet’ how many hits you would have gotten, for instance this one.

There is also this video to be found.

That posting also called for ATB experience…

It’s more like Chevron is taking one from Seabulk, and Seabulk is not getting one back.

The Oregon Voyager went to OSG and Seabulk has (or will soon) send one of their new tankers to Chevron. Wonder why Seabulk did not get back the Oregon Voyager (ex Seabulk Energy)? Seabulk is (or will be) down one vessel overall from their fleet in the end. Obviously it makes financial sense for all involved, and my only concern relates to the jobs, as MEBA appears to have kept the spots with AMO losing out in the end.