Does anyone know where to get a copy of the current version of CG-735-T, Master’s Report of Seamen Shipped or Discharged?

I’ve tried googling it any can’t find any version at all.

That’s not CG-735-T. I’m not exactly sure what that is…

Ah, I didn’t look inside, sorry.

Searching the USCG site gives no result with or without the hyphens.

By any chance are you referring to CG -718a (Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Seamen)?

Nope, not taking about discharges.

This appears to be an obsolete form and no longer required after 1996.

See 46 CFR 14.311 Report of discharge of merchant mariner

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Good detective work. Thanks for the help.

Isn’t this information typically documented in the Official Log?

We don’t keep an official log book or sign articles.