CG-719 fillable form?

This used to be easily found/accessible…have the geniuses at the NMC now decided that a fillable .pdf is no longer acceptable? Makes filling out applications way easier and neater. If anyone has a link to the fillabe form or one sitting around the PC let me know!

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AHA! thanks SUNY!

to anyone who needs it

Ok so I wassnt losing my mind. I was looking for it last month. I dont know why the cut it out. I can type much neater than I can chicken scratch.

Print form… scan form… save as jpg…open in paint and fill out jpg form… print paint document… scan and save as pdf … send to uscg

Updated URL

Just so you know…you can download ANY .pdf (say…your 719S) THEN you upload it into a free online .pdf editor like PDF Escape or Free PDF…whatever…fill it out, save it, and you can then fax or email said document without ever needing a scanner/printer… ALSO, you can download a free .pdf editor (use that Google thinghy), then you can fill out your 719S on your last watch, print it up on the wheel-house printer, have the skipper sign it and “cut out the middle man” ie. the Office.