CFR help third mate test

Hello, I am taking my third mate test soon and I am trying to learn the CFR questions. I am a bit confused on how to use and find the answers in the CFRs. From what I understand all the answers are in CFR 46 and 33, just different subchapters? If someone could explain this memorization tool it would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen other forms with the memorization tool: dinocet tcdpulp which comes out to
Subchapter---------- Question type

D…T… Tanker, tankship etc.

I… C…Cargo vessel

N… D… Dangerous, hazardous cargo

O… .P… Pollution

C… U…Uninspected vessel

E… L… Load lines, certs.

T… P… Small Passenger regs.

There are three CFR titles:
33 CFR Parts 1-199
46 CFR Parts 1-199
49 CFR Parts 100-177

All of these CFRs are available in the exam room. What do you need a memorization tool for? the information you listed above is all available in the table of contents of each title.

What I did to help was print the table of contents off the Web using the pdf format of the CFRs. Then you need to actually answer some practice questions. I used ecfr to look up the section I wanted based on the table of contents that I printed. And the more practice questions you answer, the more you will get the hang of using the CFRs. But don’t waste your time memorizing anything.

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You do enough questions and you’ll just know where to look it up.


After taking the test recently, knowing DINOCET has helped me enough to find one or two questions, the rest of the CFR questions are easily memorized.

Thank you for the help. Printing out the table of contents sounds like a good idea.

thanks for the info.