Looking for Testing rules and CFR books to buy

For Example:

  1. If you test 3rd mate NC can you still fail 2 exams or 1 ?
  2. Can you tell me or post what Navigation problems you would see on NC vs Oceans?
  3. I’m looking at buying CFR to study with at home. I want to practice finding answers in the cfrs does anyone have a good link to the books the rec uses so i can buy those books.


Your money would be better spent with a couple months of lapware.


USCG 3MUL.pdf (3.7 MB)

Flyer 69 I was told to learn how to use the CFR and reference material that is in the room by many many people and I know about lapware thank you.

Edit. Thank you for the video I like working with hard copys but i had no idea lapware went over CFR books. It also looks like NC is much easier then Oceans.

One question remains. Can you still fail 2 tests if going NC or is that only if you go oceans?

You can’t fail any tests if you want the license, NC or Oceans.
NC is much easier than Oceans.
Many, like myself, have tested for and received NC, then gone back to add the Oceans as an increase in scope. There are some schools that have had their courses approved for the 3M UL Oceans, which means with successful completion of the course you will no longer have to test at an REC. This is a recent change.

As far s the CFR’s go, Lapware does a very good job of teaching how to use the CFR’s, as opposed to having your own copies sitting on your desk at home.

I think he’s asking about retakes. If you only fail 2, you can retake those 2. If you fail 3, you have to retake everything.

Don’t waste a lot of time or money on CFRs. You use them on the 70% sections.

You can pass those 70% sections in your sleep. There is a lot of room for error. You could fail every CFR question and still pass. You have a 25% chance of blindly guessing the right answer. You can make an educated guess on many questions which improves your odds to 50/50.

You could simply memorize the answers to the CFR questions in the test bank, and get the majority of them right without looking at the CFRs.

You should find someone to show you how to use the CFRS and spend maybe one day on learning how to use them. You should be able to find CFRs to practice with at a school or library.

Spend 90% of your time on the 90% modules: RoR, T Nav, and C Nav. I don’t know how much time you’ll need to spend on the new stability module, but probably quite a bit. The chart plots are worth spending some time on. You should be familiar with each of the charts.

A few years ago, I sat for three additional licenses. I got the approval to test notice about two weeks before I was going back to sea for several months. I only studied Rules of the Road. I just winged it on everything else. I did 15 modules in three and a half days. The only thing I didn’t pass was C-Nav. Of course, I’ve been around for quite awhile, learned the material the old fashioned way, and actually used the antiquated stuff back in old days.

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But how else will you know how many fire axes are required on a Subchapter Q vessel, 1601 GT, 99’, in passenger service running near foreign???

46 CFR 11.217

I can’t speak for lapware, sounds like something to look into. Much lighter than the almost billion pounds of books that I carried back and forth in the airport and lugged down the docks between crew changes, both ways. The nautical bookstore in Fort Lauderdale had the yellow publications(two) for USCG questions for rules of the road, about 2000 or so questions… Things are a bit more complicated now, but condensed into a much lighter and more informational package. The study material is there, and the time spent is just as lengthy, but in a much better package.

The answer to that question might be found fairly quickly by looking in the CFR. Or it might be memorized from test bank questions. If not, just guess and move on. You only need to answer 70% of the questions correctly, it’s ok to get 30% wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing how to use the CFRs, both the books and online is a worthwhile basic skill that most Mariners should have. It should be learned, but not during test prep where the focus should be on the 90% modules

It’s C! Always C.

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Use The e-cfr app. You get current info and won’t be spending money on changing CFR’s. ecfr.gov

Literally just flip through the CFR books in exam room during your test. You’ll find the answers within 5 minutes or so. No prep or study needed for CFR questions.

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