CFR for Test

Does anybody have a document that outlines the CFR’s for the Chief Mate upgrade exam? I heard there was one floating around but I haven’t been able to find it.<br>Thanks

I’m not sure what document you speak of. I do know what is available in “every” REC test room and they are as follows:<br><font face=“Times New Roman” size=3>
<P align=left>33 CFR Parts 1 to 124 46 CFR Parts 90 to 139</P>
<P align=left>33 CFR Parts 125 to 199 46 CFR Parts 140 to 155</P>
<P align=left>46 CFR Parts 1 to 40 46 CFR Parts 156 to 165</P>
<P align=left>46 CFR Parts 41 to 69 46 CFR Parts 166 to 199</P>
<P align=left>46 CFR Parts 70 to 89 49 CFR Parts 100 to 185<br><br>The above is outlined in the Deck Examination Guide.</P></font>