Celestial endorsment question on 1600 Master N/C

I sat for my Celestial and passed in Dec 2009, My license at that time was Master UTV near coastal 200 Ton the USCG said they could not endorse that on my 200 ton master. and I was told at that time that the certificate would be valid as long as they has it in my file before the 12 months from day of issue. They have it. And now I have my 1600 master N/C. I told the evaluator that I wanted to have it endorsed on my new license.Now he tells me its no good.
I have talked to a few instructors (MITAGS,Kings Pt.) and was told once you take the exam that was it.
Has anybody out there run into the problem before?
Thanks, Oak alley

[QUOTE=oakalley2;58789]Now he tells me its no good. [/QUOTE]

The NMC is all powerful, they have moved Heaven and Earth. Therefore, your knowledge is no longer valid.

I just tested for (and passed!) my 1600 Master/Oceans back in October. The folks at Houston Marine, told me that if I added “oceans” to my mates license, I would have to do the celestial exam again when I sat for my masters ticket. Had a couple of “sea lawyers” give me the same advice, so I held off till I sat for this license. I can feel your pain on having to take that exam again! Took me 2 try’s to get thru it!

There is a difference between the modules for a master and a mate, second mate or less or chief mate and up celestial. The funny part is I don’t know of one single school that teaches the ‘mates’ version of the exam. They all teach the unlimited version, meeting two or three modules to satisfy the CG. BUT, it seems someone in a blue suit has felt he need to state: once a course completion diploma has been submitted, it is only valid for the original submission, even though it is fully valid for ANY endorsement. Added to that, some genious has stated that for each upgrade of a license we must do the celestial course again… And again. And again… BS.

I am taking at Crawford in Seattle and they teach the level u are taking so some guys have to do a little more than others but so far it’s been a great class