CAT 3500-3600 Training

I saw someone talk about “ringpower” running classes for cat, but didnt know if anyones taken classes somewhere else, or may have a # for a basic cat class ?

PON Cat in Oslo Norway

Pantropic in Florida offers a 3 day class every other month but have no idea how educational it is.

Almost all my cat experience is either 3400, or the newer C-10 - C-15 engines ive got in trucks at home. I know most of the boats carry the books, and alot of guys dont go any further than filters and O-rings anymore, but i would just feel better dropping some money and having it come directly from Cat. Personally if it isnt 2 stroke i dont wanna be involved, but the sun is setting on those engines. My old chief is headed down to Ft Lauderdale to do the MTU class, find out in a few weeks how that was.