Carry-On Sextant?

Anyone ever tried to carry a sextant through modern TSA (in the last 5 years)? Is it do-able? It surely must look like a weapon of mass destruction to the average X-Ray operator… If I could carry my own sextant through security I would bring it back and forth on every hitch but if it’s not carry-on eligible then it’s not really worth the trouble.

Personal experience greatly appreciated!!!

It should not be a problem. I had mine in a duffel bag carry on going to a boat a few hitches back. They had me take it out and asked what it was but seemed satisfied with it and I did not have any other problems. Of course as you probably know the TSA experience varies from airport to airport. If it is not on the prohibited list they really can’t keep you from taking it on a plane. Just leave yourself a little extra time in case you need to ask for a supervisor. I almost had a 20 dollar 8in Proto adjustable wrench taken away in NOLA. They said it had to be 7in or below. Thought it was BS, but that is what is says on their website.

Went through several countries airport security and was always questioned about it. In Japan they pulled me aside and went through everything I had for carry on. They said it was random, but it was the sextant for sure. They didn’t like my pointy dividers as well.

Haven’t had a problem with a sextant. TSA asked me about it, and when I told them what it was, they asked if I worked on rivers…

And I was surprised that I never had a problem with dividers, which were in my briefcase.

I flew to Detroit to Tampa a few months back with dividers and was never asked to take them out. Zipped right through security. Flying to Crete last year they pulled all my stuff out and looked at everything closely. They took the lens of my DSLR, they wanted to know what I was doing bringing two bags of protein powder. I’ve had some friends carry sextants on with no problems other than a quick look by TSA.

I travel with a couple of DSLR bodies, a set of lenses, a speedlight and rechargeable battery pack for the flash and haven’t had a problem. I would imagine that a sextant would be no problem. Of course I say that now, but I am flying out to California tomorrow. I might be singing a different tune. . .