Plotting tools as Carry On?

I have a test appointment on Monday, and I have a flight on Sunday to the REC location. Anyone ever took plotting tools in their carry on luggage? Will the dividers cause an issue? I don’t have time to get new stuff before the test. Figure this must have come up before for some of you.

I think you’ll find the triangles make better weapons than dividers. Luckily, I’m driving distance. I can’t imagine either would be flagged. But it is very dependent on the idiot behind the screen. Worse case you use a slack pair out of the REC tool pile.

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I carried my very nice German dividers through in a carry on about a year ago. The TSA agent asked to look at them, I explained what they were, and he thankfully let me through. I’d have cancelled my flight if I had to leave them behind.

Used to bring my own tools, as a chief engineer I would bring my multimeter, AC/DC clamp meter, temp gun and megger, now, I bring me and my work clothes, if the company won’t supply them, then I don’t need them. I see captains use their personal cells for company business because the ships cell or internet is out in a foreign port, captain gets stuck with a bill because the company supplies a cell and internet and won’t pay a personal bill. Me, I’m paid to do a job and not supply my own gear.


Honestly. I use my own phone because of convenience. The Mate typically has the ships phone for working with planners, etc. my personal phone doesn’t cost anything more internationally, can be used far more effectively in speaker mode if necessary, and let’s me have direct contact with the agent if I decide to go ashore or want immediate answers about sailing. It works well for me.

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I went from the boat to work in the office, I know that as long as the crews use their own equipment, the company will not supply them. Seen captains working foreign get stuck with bills that were $1000 or more. Only after coms were stopped did the boat get a cell.

Oh no. We have a cell. I just prefer to not have it attached to me. That is the Mate’s beast of burden. :grin:

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Most companies budget each manager per quarter, budget includes repair work, groceries, supplies and in some cases, pilotage. Cell phones are also in the budget, boats are constantly reminded to keep costs down. Reason is, is that a bonus is giving for cost saving. Using personal devices saves the company money and puts money in your managers pocket. Learned this from my stint in the office. I only supply my personal clothing only.

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Back in my smoking days and early TSA days, I showed up at the airport with a lighter in my pocket that had sentimental value because it was a gift from my wife with an engraved message. TSA geniuses concluded I was planning to set the airplane on fire. They had me drop it at a mailbox type thing. I had to put it into a shipping envelope on which I wrote my address and then use a credit card to pay for future shipping from the airport back to my home. I think the charge was $40.
It came in the mail about 2 months later. My joy was short lived. The lighter looked like it had been smashed with a sledgehammer for sport.

I did. You’ll be fine.

I’ve had them take the tips out my cheap dividers. They took a nice set of brass ones from a friend of mine.

If you have the ones with the removable tips I’d recommend putting the lead tips in and “hide” the metal tips In the little plastic container somewhere else in your carryon. That got me through the 2nd time.

Good luck on the test!

Yep back in the day. Would get on the plane with my Gerber Knife I used as a AB I don’t know the difference between using your dividers or smacking the pilot over the head with a giant laptop that you can bring onboard. Seriously who’s to say your not a karate expert like Steven Seagal and don’t even need a weapon.

All of us are now just extras in the tragicomic scripts of Security Theatre :frowning:


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They didn’t even look at them. Just stared bored at the screen and let them go by.

It’s luck of the draw. I’ve had them both allowed and denied on separate flights. All depends on which “officer” you draw.

Hahaha! With any luck you’ll get the same TSA fella on the way home! I was on a flight once next to an 80 year old granny with some GIANT knitting needles. She worked on a scarf through the whole flight and I sat in awe at the 10” stainless needles they allowed onboard, yet they took my fingernail clippers because of the attached 2” folding file…