I wonder if that sextant floats?

That’s the move here, give the sextant the float test. If mariners need to get past dependency on electronics why stop there? Get over the thinking that precise positions on paper are needed to navigate successfully as well. Then give it 12 hours and throw the compass over. Learn 'em how to orient without artificial devices.

Carr: LORAN Overboard

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I really don’t mesh with this guy Carr’s way of thinking, or even his writing style. It reminds me of blowhard Captains I’ve sailed with that embellish sea stories to sound like they were Rambo or something.

I will agree with him that arguing the merits of celestial navigation as a tool to have in the toolbox is moot. Of course it is something anyone who wishes to call themselves a professional navigator should have. The method with which he chooses to argue, float testing an equally critical piece of navigational equipment, not so much.

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Not to mention that tossing the Loran overboard, if it really happened, is just plain stupid. I would not want to defend a casualty related to navgation if an imoportant tool that might have help avoid the casualty was intentionally jettisoned. What’s that disclaimer printed in the corner of every NOAA chart, something about prudent navigators and relying on a single aid…?

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I’ve been waiting for someone to speak up on the electronics issue. Every vessel should have the latest equipment and the most basic for when crap happens. I’m not throwing anything overboard.
More important is I have read 4 articles in gcaptain by Carr and this man scares me and causes me to question his judgment.
Article about yacht delivery with owner.
Article about unfinished race boat delivery Norfolk to Newport.
Article about sailing into Annapolis during boat show.
Article tossing LORAN overboard.

Reminds me of this juvenile behavior:

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Spoilt child attitude, no respect for property. There seems to be a screw loose in Carr’s head. Does he float?

I know, right?

I think that was a good article about what not to do.

Maybe a sign of the times, but all I could think about while reading that article would be having to write the MARPOL violation report.

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I gotta agree with Lee … reminds me of another short sighted Captain. I could not imagine intentionally sabotaging ANY nav devices during a trip. Interesting that he served as an Electronics officer :thinking:

Probably a stupid question - but if he is a USCG Academy graduate as his bio states, then why is/was Carr just a Chief Warrant Officer?

Reminds me of the story of the second mate sailing in a tanker of one of the oil majors who had had a pretty good night and had woken up a little confused.
He wandered out on the bridge wing with the sextant and eating an apple. Took noon, tossed the sextant overboard and took the apple core back into the wheelhouse.

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Yes, we can take the sailing into Annapolis Harbor as a what not to do. But, he did it and seemed very proud of it. The four articles I’ve read in gcaptain have the same strand. Underway without much forethought, taking chances, lucking out and proud of it. I’m paddling away from this guy as when it happens it not going to be pretty.

It read to me like he was telling it as a lesson. That he got lucky (he didn’t have an exit plan) and don’t let it happen to you.

I read the Annapolis article about 6 times to make sure I was reading what I was reading.
You are most generous and forgiving.

Throwing plastic in the ocean. Sweet MARPOL violation, bro.

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Mr. Car has an interesting resume going from a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy to retiring as an Army Chief Warrant. I guess he went as far as he could go in the Coast Guard and opted for the Army to get his pension time.

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Maybe Mr. Carr has a 1600 ton artistic license to engage in hyperbole for the sake of telling a good story and making a point.


Don’t forget the newest MARPOL waste designation, electronic waste. Double screwed on that one. Though if he was tossing a LORAN overboard I would imagine the incident predates the E-waste regulation.