Career Transition

I am currently a DoD employee living and working in Singapore looking to transition into the Military Sealift Command. I have the minimal qualifications for the Chief Radio Position and a background in Interior Communications(IC3) US Navy. I also currently have my TWIC, MMD, what are the pros and cons of the MSC and would it be wise to make such a transition if I have 15 years in DoD service as a civilian? Also how does the rotation work when someone wants to go on personal leave or shore leave and how is the work environment, morale, orientation and training? I have been in the Navy so I kinda know what to expect but just want to know from someone who has experienced it in the MSC. I am also married and my wife and I are planning to move either to Japan, San Diego or San Francisco after Singapore since my end of tour will be ending middle of next year, how would this effect our personal life, financially? Any advice ,information would be greatly appreciated.



Go to the MSC section in the “In service” section and/or use the search feature for lots of info.

You would still be a DOD Civilian at MSC so your service time credit for retirement and TSP etc should roll over. The rotation is a 4 month onboard gig then take leave and then do another 4 month gig onboard a ship. You’ll do at a minimum, 2 four month shipboard assignments a year. They only pay for travel to and from the ship to their offices in Norfolk and/or San Diego, so additional expense to go home would be out of pocket. You should be able to make some overtime money so your take home pay will be better than the $58k advertised. As far as work environment, think back to the RMC that ran the Radio shack on your Navy vessel, it’s like that. Go to one of the MSC ships in S’pore and chat with the comms guys onboard and see what you can learn.