Career options as ETO on DP ships

Dear Capt. Lee, I am presently sailing as ETO (Electronics Engineer ) Onboard Tankers, I have 8 + Yr Exp on all kind of Tankers including FSO. I would appreciate if you or anybody else can give me insight of career as ETO on DP ships. I am a indian national residing permanently iin NZ 1. Do I need to do DP technical course prior joining a DP vessel 2. Will I join as ETO or a J/Electrician, 3. What are the expected salary scale of ETo on a DP1,DP2 and DP3 vsl. 4. What will be my role as ETO onboard a DP ship. 5. How to start off and what other offshore options I have 6. Which all companies will be employing me, and do I have to gain some ofshore exp prior joing DP vsl. I again appreciate your kind help and good work in erecting this helpful website. Cheers !!! Gurminder Grewal ETO