DP and limited tonnage license

Would it make sense for a 200 ton Master to get DP certification?<br>Or is a higher tonnage license more or less required for DP work?<br><br>Should I pay out of pocket for the induction course, then try to <br>get on with a company that will help me to continue the DP certification?<br><br>Any advice on where to take the course (or where not to take it)?<br><br>I’m a former deep sea radio electronics officer, <br>now sailing in the GOM as a mate.<br><br>Any advice appreciated! <br> Thanks -<br>

Newbie - It depends on you. I would say that if you find yourself surrounded by DP boats, then yes it makes sense. With a 200 ton license, you can only go up. I think the REO part will make you more marketable down the road, especially if you have your GMDSS Maintainer’s. Add to that one of the Big 3 DP manufacturers DP System Maintainer’s Cert., well, you get the picture.<br><br>You may be working for a company that will run you through the induction class now. If you do, is there a “payback if you believe before xxx years are up” clause? It’s your education. If it were me, and I wasn’t sure where I’d end up long term, I’d pay for it up front.<br><br>Off the subject, did you ship with OSI as an REO ?<br><br>B/R

<P>You should talk to ENSCO Drilling for a possible future job on one of their new semi submersible rigs coming to the GoM. Their DPOs are not licensed (there is no national or international regulation that says they must be) but some of the DPOs on their ENSCO 7500 have ETO experience or have been DP techs in their previous careers. With five newbuild semis coming to the Gulf starting next year, they will need people bigtime and just might have the opportunity you seek.<br><br>There might be a time lag from now until you would be hired and what to do with that time before they would need you is a question. Talk to them first perhaps and see what they might advise. They are putting L3 ASK6000 systems on their new rigs. I don’t have any names to give you other that to start with their HR department and go from there.<br><br>I also believe that Global Industries also has some AB/JDPO’s on its vessels so you could try there as well. I would say that to be an AB/JDPO on a DP2 or 3 vessel trumps being a mate on a DP0 or 1 vessel if the pay is the same and if you can find such a position. <br><br>Lastly, have you ever spoken with the DP companies themselves to see if you can training to be a tech or what about being a straight ETO? Plenty of ETO positions looking to be filled out there at better pay than being just a DPO.<br><br>good luck in your quest</P>

Listening to the radio chatter, and talking to a few folks, there seems to be quite a few crew boats in the gulf getting DP1 systems installed, or being built with DP. I’d say the License and DP combo could definitely pay off.<br>Doc

newbie,<br>From the questions you ask it appears that your mental concept of this industry is seriously lacking. It could be a personal flaw or simply you are trying to play the members of this site for dupes. Perhaps you would be more at home running a dolphin watch boat or cast netting for mullet in the Mobile bay area.

WTF is that Jollymon? “Personal flaw” and “seriously lacking”. He asked a few valid questions. I would like to know your F*^@ing problem. <br><br>Newbie, Several companies have had DP crewboats for years. Chouest is a company that will train and pay you for attending DP courses while working as a 200ton Master on a crewboat. That’s one option.<br><br>It does seem that newbie is “playing the members on this site for dupes” afterall, but he only managed one in Jollymon.<br><br>

Whats an ETO?

ETO<br>Basically, ET- is an Electronics Technician. O - designates Officer<br>