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The aviation career has finally come to an end and it’s time to move on. I have applied for my Z card and my twic. I have signed up for the STCW course, and I am ready to schedule my Marine Radio Operators Permit. Should I take the GMDSS course too while I am waiting for the job situation to turn around. I don’t want to get too ahead of my self but as long as I have free time I want to take the courses that will help me get started. Will having the Automatic Radar Plotting Aids and Bridge Resource management help me get the first Ordinary Seamans job. [B]


Just take your basic STCW safety. That is all you will need in my opinion. You wont even look at the other stuff until you have a license.


I concur with Siberfire. You can work inland waters without MMD if you want to start gaining experience & boat time or depending on your age consider a cadet program at one of the academies. Spend your money and time on STCW courses now and you may find yourself having to repeat some of them by the time you actually are required to have them. Also you may find an employer with their own training program, ie: Edison Chouest.
Best to you.


Sky, the guys are steering you straight…I myself have spent over 7K on courses and certificates that I won’t need for sometime in the future…Just get the basic safety and see where it takes you…