Career Advancement - Tankerman Engineer

What is the quickest way to get a Tankerman Engineer’s license. I know you need 90 days after you get it… Trying to find out who has a class sometime this August and where to go. Will travel, not a problem, I am in New England but most classes dont seem to be until the fall. Thank you.

Never heard of tankerman engineer. Do you mean getting the tankerman PIC added to your MMD?

Tankerman engineer is a endorsement. It is under 46 cfr 13.107 paragraph d.

It only means that a tankerman pic can get a tankerman engineer endorsement added to your MMD to be responsible for the cargo handling systems. If you have a engineers license and a tankerman pic, those 2 together trump the tankerman engineer. It also says to be a chief or a 1st A/E on a self propeled tank vessel with liquid cargo carried in bulk that you have to have it or a tankerman pic.

I would think any of the big schools that provide tankerman class’s should have this, you would have to check out the individual school schedule.

I know when I went up the unlimited side of the engineers structure they questioned my tankerman pic barge, and told me I needed to get tankerman pic ship instead. It was almost the same dumb class, just something else for them to make money off of!!!