Captains License - 6 Pack OUPV - Epilepsy Medical Questions

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I just stumbled across this forum so if this is not really the spot for this post please just bear with me.

In 2017 I was denied my Captains License by the USCG due to a very mild form of epilepsy. I have never had a grand mal seizure, just simple myoclonic jerks. My doctor gave me a great prognosis during the appeal but ultimately my last documented “seizure” was within the 8 year timeframe that the USCG had outlined in their requirements.

I’ve always wanted to get my Captains License so I was pretty bummed, and I’m strongly considering giving it another shot.

Is anyone familiar with their current standards regarding epilepsy? Or have any advice when getting the physical/applying? I’m just having trouble finding clear medical requirements.


See Chapter 19, Section E.


Thank you! That helped a lot. Not sure if you are anle to answer this, am I able to be medically cleared/pass the physical before going through the entire course again? Thanks again, that provided a lot of clarity.

A course that substitutes for the Coast Guard exam is valid for a year, so you need to plan for that. Since you are possibly going to need a medical waiver, and probably don’;t want to pay for a course until you know you can get the license, you might want to wait on the course. You might consider applying for the OUPV, entry-level endorsements, and medical certificate now, without the course. If you are approved, you will have one year to take the course or take the exam from the Coast Guard.
Note that if you apply for entry-level endorsements and the medical certificate first, be sure to use the 719K form. Do not use the 719K/E form, that is only for entry level and has a less intensive medical review.

As I noted, you do not need to take a course. You can take the exam from the Coast Guard.


I really appreciate the clear explanation. Thank you so much!

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the “six pack” part got my attention, the rest of it is kinda over my head !!

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