Cape Orlando stormed by protestors while USCG watches


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unbelievable security doesn’t anticipate this bs!, (well, maybe they did but we all know how slow things move), as for the twic thing, I think the only bennie i got with a twic is i was able to bypass airport security once or twice. It was pretty discouraging to see some ports of call not even know what a twic card was.

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Jesus do you guys have a sense of humor? I understand every thread is a contest to show who knows more but Christ, the response was so uptight.

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I dunno, I still find it hard to believe that they’d load up an RRF on the left coast to head to Israel. Especially with the low water at the PC likely slowing even a govt priority transit.

I’m betting these goodies are meant for somewhere in the Pacific due to the “friendly” forces of the PRC that have been heating up the South China Sea even more than usual over the last few weeks.


Agreed, makes very little sense to load a westpac ship for Israel. Can’t wait to follow the ais and watch the outrage dissipate.


Thank you, I did not know this.

Research has shown that professional protestors are compelled by psychological factors such as compensation for feelings of inadequacy. They’ll soon find another “injustice” to rail against whether it’s real or fabricated.


Unless they’ve got Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan as 2/M, they’re not going to the Med. I’m curious why they ducked south before pointing her at Adak, but I’m guessing they had their reasons. I’ll be curious when she gets back in AIS range as to where she pops up at though.

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there on george soros"s pay roll

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But the 50 caliber machine guns on the safe boats aren’t loaded

Is this true?

Unless the destination is Eilat?


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That position/time stamp is from their run up the coast from Oakland before calling at Tacoma. They’ve been AIS-silent since then.

Ah, I thought they left Tacoma earlier than they did. Disregard my post then.

Ship? Wasn’t thinking. The Navy says a boat is any ship that will go on the flight deck of a carrier. The Coast Guard says a ship is anything 95’ and over.

Well they’re both wrong. Shocking, I know.


It doesn’t surprise me there. The locals are absolute loons. The MARAD ships don’t have a gangway watch either.

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My mistake, the MARAD ship must have been in Full Operating Status, so they would have had a gangway watch.