Can't take BST refresher? Expired?

So my MMD expired in July of last year. I was just told over the phone (MSTC) that because my MMD is expired I have to take the whole BST 5 day class and that the refresher is for people with a valid MMD but no sea time in the last 5 years. Is that correct? If so shit that sucks donkey balls.


NMC lady says the first lady is incorrect and that just because my MMD is expired does not mean I have to take the basic training again (5) days since I already took it. I can infact just take the refresher course. These people i swear.

I believe you have a year since your MMC expired. You should be able to take the BST Refresher.

Damn son you are on the ball. I E-mailed the lady back with the link so we will see what she says.

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In general BT revalidation is for mariners who have one year of sea service in the previous five years. BT refresher is for mariners who do not have one year of sea service in the previous five. Some of the requirements have been adjusted due to the pandemic, and you can find them on NMC’s site, the most user friendly website I’ve ever come across.(sarcasm)
For future correspondence with the NMC try the live chat feature. You can print a transcript of the conversation, and know who you talked to, when, and what about. It’s saved my ass more than once.

I also believe that you will be able to take advantage of the one year grace period after a credential has expired, and take the course that’s applicable to your situation. Kindly let us know what the results are!