Can you get qmed without going to sea or any other upgrades?

I haven’t had much luck getting a seagoing job that pays what I need to maintain how I live now, I’d be willing for a pay cut but it’s just too great with the bills I have at this point. My question is, while talking to a friend he seemed to think that different schools might be able to count as sea time. Like if you where to possibly take some sort of technical engineering class it would upgrade your ticket. I don’t know, it didn’t make sense but since the job I am thinking about taking will be paying me enough that I could afford to take some classes i thought it might be worth exploring.

No sea time, no upgrade. Good luck to yah.

check out number 2 here of the CFR. I took my QMED class at Sea School in Bayou LaBatrie, AL. I had enough sea time already but I believe the 10 day course there could be counted toward half the required sea time. Id call them to be sure if your interested however, it’s been a while but I seem to remember being told before I attended I had to furnish a sea time letter of at least 90 days.

(a) An applicant for an endorsement as qualified member of the engine department shall furnish the Coast Guard proof of qualification based on six months’ service in a rating at least equal to that of wiper or coal passer.

(b) Training programs approved by the Commanding Officer, National Maritime Center, may be substituted for the required service at sea in accordance with the following:

(1) A graduate of a school ship may qualify for a rating endorsement as qualified member of the engine department upon satisfactory completion of the course of instruction. For this purpose, school ship is interpreted to mean an institution which offers a complete course of instruction, including a period of sea training, in the skills appropriate to the rating of qualified member of the engine department.

(2) Training programs other than those classified as a school ship may be substituted for up to one-half of the required service at sea.