Cambodia move US built building

Cambodia tore down a building put up by the Americans to move it and give space for a new building:

How dear they doing such a thing on their own Naval Base??

Ombugge, I think it is safe to say you’re the only one who visits this forum who cares anything about Cambodia, its people or their buildings. Except maybe for the Barnes & Noble bookstore there. We all like bookstores & happy that one was given to that country.


I visited Sihanoukville last year after a long break. I remembered a fairly quiet seaside town, but knew there had been some development while I had been away. I found a #%&!#¤ Chinese construction site. Never again.

The rest of the country was still okay.

That could be, but it’s been a “neighbouring country” and easily accessible for me for years.

PS> Funny though (But in a kind of American context)