Calling active Mariners!

HELLO ALL!! I’m currently developing a new series for CMT that will focus on jobs with rotational schedules and the effects they have on families and relationships…think “Deadliest Catch” or “Ice Road Truckers” with a family twist. We are interested in how these professions affect the FAMILY unit and how each side deals with the long periods of time apart, not just the rigors of the profession itself. I’m looking for teams, individuals and couples who are currently in the industry to share their experiences with life on the road and how it affects both sides. With how important this industry is to the American economy, it is equally important to highlight everyone that helps make it go, including the support or lack there of from family at home.

I would love to speak with anyone interested in knowing more about the project and hopefully we can work something out!

Gabe Griggs
495 Productions