Cadet Train Ships for India

Didn’t know Larsen & Turbo were still around…used to see their Seaway Bulkers up here. Soren Tubro, Hoek Larsen, Mangal Dasai…couple others I can’t remember. They sold those (they were old) and the renes were Millennium Hawk, Millennium Eagle, and Millennium Falcon. Used to enjoy piloting the Falcon, but I think the old man got tired of my standard greeting, " Good morning, Captain Solo."

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. is the largest infrastructure company in India, with offices all over the world:

It has come a long way from when two Danes arrived in India to market dairy machinery for a Danish company.
In 1938 they established a “Partnership” in Bombay (Mumbai today) and also started to sell machinery from other European manufacturers

Due to the war it became difficult to find the equipment, so they set up manufacturing in India.
In 1946 the company was incorporated and expanded into other activities. (incl. shipping)
It went public in 1996.

PS> I don’t think they own or operate any vessels any more.

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