Best Companies for Cadet Shipping

It’s getting to be that time where we have to give preferences on which companies we want to go with for cadet shipping at Maine Maritime. Me, along with a lot of my classmates, don’t have a lot of experience with companies since this is our first time going out with them and all we have heard about companies really comes from professors. I was looking for any advice on what would be some of the best companies to go with. I’m a deckie in an unlimited major, and I would really like to get either my Tankerman PIC or start on my TOAR endorsement, so I was thinking about a company like Kirby and trying to get on an ATB. But like I said previously, I don’t know much about the company or any other companies where I could do a similar scenario. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated!

Check out OSG. You could set yourself up as they hire candidates that cadet shipped with them. Polar Tankers is another company with a good rep in the industry.

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Crowley, OSG, ATC, or really any tanker company. Getting your PIC as a cadet is a huge leg up when you graduate. Kirby makes you go through their training program regardless if you have a TOAR or not, so I wouldn’t stress about the TOAR part. You can always take a class after you graduate and get the TOAR with just two week on a tug. PIC requires 90 days on a tanker which is harder to get. I graduated two years ago and wished I had cadet shipped with a tanker company so I could’ve had my PIC. Easier to get a job when you graduate if you have an endorsement other people don’t.

I bet you could get on easy with Bouchard these days :rofl:

  1. Chevron/Polar Tankers
  2. OSG
  3. Crowley Petroleum or TE SubCom
  4. MSC on a T-AKE or T-AO(E) class vessel. If they offer you something stupid like a T-ATS don’t take it unless if you want to work for MSC at all or US Shipping Corp
  5. Containership (Maersk)
  6. OSVs or Drilling, rank higher if you want to do this type of work (ECO, Hornbeck, HGIM, Transocean, SeaDrill, Noble).

If you cadet ship with one of the first 4 on this list, you’ll probably set yourself up well to get a job after school.

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Does Exxon/SeaRiver still operate a fleet? I know that oil company tankers are a rare thing these days. . .

I think they’re operated by Crowley now.