Looking for a deck cadet positon. Any ideas?

I’m a first year deck cadet from Vancouver and I’m having a hell of a time trying to find a summer sea phase. I only have about three months left in this sea phase, so I need something ASAP. Looking for something that could restart again next march also, as I’ll be in school from sept-march.

Any ideas???

Call lafarge or Seaspan

Seaspan isn’t taking anymore, but I will try lafarge for sure. Thanks!

Yah or there is smit, and or island tug as well.

Does it matter flag? What school do you attend? Doesn’t the school assist finding cadet berths? Do you have a specific tonnage/H.P. need?

Flag doesn’t matter. I’m at BCIT and yes they are assisting but not very well… Not entirely sure about the tonnage/H.P. That’s more up to transport Canada. I’m just looking for companies to peruse because I’m new to the industry and don’t really know who/where to contact.

Offshore drilling is starting to scale up in the Maritimes and there should be a lot of demand developing for Canadian officers with drilling experience. That might be a good thing for you to get into.

Contract SeaDrill and Ensco — they are drilling on the Grand Banks this season. Then of course there are offshore support companies like Atlantic Towing.

Maybe you could use BCIT’s contacts at Holland College and Memorial University for better info on what companies you should contact in the Maritimes. As you probably know, people in the Maritimes are super friendly and helpful.

Thanks. I will peruse these for sure. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. if I can get in at the bottom and work up with a company like these. Thanks a bunch!

Whoops meant pursue. Damn iPhone…