Havila Shipping starts own "AB School"

Crew shortage? Start your own school for AB apprentices to secure crew for your vessels:

Note: Translating by Google: “Sailor” = Matros = AB
“Light Sailor” = Lettmatros = OS

It’s not unusual, Norwegian owner I worked for had schools in Philippines India & Panama. Each with a specific focus, basic seaman, engineering graduate, indoctrination company methods, hotel staff cruise vessels.


Yes several Norwegian (and other) Shipowners/Managers operate training centers in the Philippines, Ukraine, India and other places were they get their crews from.
The Norwegian Shipowners Association even operate a Training Center in Manila and sponsor students attending approved Maritime Academies in the Philippines:

The difference is that Havila operate their own training scheme for Norwegians who wants to be ABs on their fleet of Offshore Vessels working worldwide under Norwegian flag.

PS> Education is free in Norway up to and including University level (i.e. no tuition fee) but the shortage of candidates for lower level maritime jobs makes it necessary for companies to take action outside the public education system.
Havila’s fleet of Offshore vessels are all Norwegian flagged (NIS/NOR):

PPS> The fact that the Owners and Managers in Havila Shipping all have maritime background and understand the importance of a well trained and loyal work force.