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What the hell is the story with Cabras in Guam? They are advertising and offering $6000 a month for a tugboat Captain. That’s less than one-third of what this job should pay. They want Master 500 GRT and Master of Towing N.C. or Oceans, and Z drive experience. WTF? That ought to be illegal.

Don’t like it? Don’t apply.

No way. I don’t like it, and I’m going to point out how ridiculously exploitive this company is.

I’ve heard of this company before. It’s been around for awhile. I cannot imagine how they can find anyone for such tiny money. I’m curious about this company. Who is the scum bag that owns it? Who are the nit wits that work for them? Who are their customers?

This is not good for the industry or any of us.

When I was on the Guam run they did ship assist work in the port and ran stuff to Saipan and some of the other islands.

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I am assuming living in guam is expensive, and i am also assuming they want new hires to relocate there. I saw the engineer ad and thought the same things you are saying.

Well first of all it Guam, so basically another country. If $6000 a month is worth it to someone they’ll apply. Finally, the rates at a single small tug company aren’t going to drive down rates nationwide.

They have a lock on ship docking in Saipan and Guam from what I’ve seen. Don’t think there is anyone out there but them. Wages in Guam are probably pretty depressed since there is no competition to take trained workers away from them. If you are stuck in Guam or Saipan by circumstance or by choice and want to work ship assist, you’ll take what they pay and that’s all the choice you have I guess.

I knew a guy about 7 years ago who worked for them for the winter. The wages were low, but my recollection is that he said something like $400 a day. Could be I don’t recall correctly or he got, or he inflated what he got because he was too embarrassed. I think he mostly did the job to get away from his wife. As I recall, they flew him out on a 3 or 4 month contract.

Maybe this is one of those companies that pays a small wage in port and a bigger wage offshore. Given the number of ads they are running, they must be having a difficult time finding people. I hope that we see those silly wages inching up as they look.

I remember seeing an ad long ago for a Guam ferry captain that paid very little. IIRC they provided accommodations but for single males only. Not positive but this company may have an exclusive contract with the military for all operations out of Guam, ship assist, crewboats, ferriies, etc and possibly the NMIs. It might suit someone who just wants to get away from it all and doesn’t care about money. Or is desperate for seatime.

The cost of living seems to be much cheaper in Guam, too. The average wage is about 30% less than in the CONUS. The average house price is about $271K. You can’t a mailbox for that in Seattle.

Yes, Seattle has gotten ridiculously expensive with the average house price over $800,000. Back when I was making $300 a day; I was renting on the water in Seattle for $600. My wages have a little more than doubled, but the rent has quadrupled. That’s why I need a big raise just to catch up with inflation.

Guam is kind of like Puerto Rico, only worse. It’s a mismanaged US territory that runs on US welfare payments in one form or another. It’s not a very nice or cheap place to live either.

A long hitch of 3 or 4 months normally pays extra. Being a $1000 plus, 18 hour, plane ride from home should pay a little extra too.

I have heard of tugboat captain jobs on small boats down in the swamps of the Carolinas or Alabama that only pay $400 a day. I’ve heard of jobs in Puerto Rico that only pay $450.

But I have not heard of a tugboat captain job anywhere since the 1980’s, that only pays $200 a day. This just isn’t right.

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Not exactly… good luck getting a job with them if you’re not from there. The Chamorran mafia is strong in the Marianas.

Scabs-R-Us Marine is looking for contract employees from the US Mainland. It’s something like 3 or 4 months. They also hope to convert some of the contractors to regular employees.

I’ve heard that the crews are mostly Filipino (presumably U.S. Citizens or Green card holders).

I bet there is a shortage of local USCG Masters 500 ton NC or Oceans (including current STCW), plus Master of Towing in Guam.

To the extent that there are properly credentialed Masters in Guam, most of them probably know better than to work for only $200 a day.

There are enough lower paying, $500 a day plus, tugboat jobs available in the US. Anyone with actual tugboat skills that wants to work can keep busy. The going rate seems to be about $600 to $800, but it takes a little extra to get those jobs.

For that matter, there are lots of foreign flag tugboat jobs available that pay well over $200 a day. I see some in the $450 range.

I am really mystified as to how Scabs-R-Us can find anyone at $200 a day. I kind of wonder what those guys look like too.

:joy:… Licensed engineer is 4500 a month so dont feel too bad at 6k as captain.

MEBA should send some guys over with pledge cards!

This company confused the master with the deckhand and the deckhand for the galley roach.

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Tugboat Captain (500GT, MOT)

Cabras Marine Corporation
5 reviews

Hagåtña, GU

Apply Now
Cabras Marine Corporation is presently recruiting for Licensed Masters (500GT) to support near coastal and ocean charters (domestic and international) onboard Company Tugboats. Our Company is located on the island of Guam, western most U.S. Territory, located in the Pacific, southwest of Hawaii.

Contract positions available which may lead to long term employment. Full-time employees compensated on a salary basis (with benefits) and switch to competitive daily rates upon embarking on ocean charters. Round-trip travel to and from origin covered by the Company for contracted mariners. Sea service letter will be provided upon completion of contract or as needed to submit for license upgrade.

General Job Duties:

Must hold Master of Motor or Steam Vessel 500grt (Gross Registered Tonnage) with towing endorsement (MOT) ocean or near coastal. Mariners undergoing Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR) are also encouraged to apply.
Determines course and towing speed on basis of specialized knowledge of local winds, weather, tides and current.
Steers tugboat to push or pull vessels to destination and to berth and un-berth ships, avoiding reefs, outlying shoals, and other hazards to shipping.
Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Company policies and regulation
Inspect vessels to ensure efficient and safe operation of vessels and equipment and conformance to regulations.
Responsible for executing Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) aboard assigned vessel and assist with SubChapter M documentation & exercises.
Delegate daily tasks to crew to ensure operational readiness, ensuring crew safety.
Preparation, management and facilitation of safety meetings and safety drills
Maintain communications with appropriate company personnel to communicate changes in schedule, customer information, arrival and departure times, and any accidents, injuries, or environmental issues
Navigate tug and barge combination to destination while avoiding reefs, outlying shoals, and other hazards to shipping utilizing navigation aids such as charts, radar, compass and GPS
Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Requirements
U.S. Citizen and must have MMD, TWIC, STCW, and passport.

Z-Drive experience. Please include copies of your license and documentation as part of your submission.

Company is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: $6,000.00 /month


High school or equivalent (Required)

MMD and Masters (Required)
Contract Length:

Contract Renewal:

Work Location:

Multiple locations
Employment Length:

This Job Is:

A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply
A “Fair Chance” job (you or the employer follow Fair Chance hiring practices when performing background checks - learn more at
A good fit for applicants with gaps in their resume, or who have been out of the workforce for the past 6 months or more
Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma
A job for which people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Monday to Friday
Weekends required
Holidays required
Day shift
Night shift
8 hour shift
10 hour shift
12 hour shift

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    If you require alternative methods of application or screening, you must approach the employer directly to request this as Indeed is not responsible for the employer’s application process.
    Captain jobs in Hagåtña, GU
    Jobs at Cabras Marine Corporation in Hagåtña, GU
    Captain salaries in Hagåtña, GU

To all who are interested. A little late but beterr than never

I turned down this offer to work in Guam because they want you to be vaccinated

I will never punch myself with the so-called “vaccine”

Salary - $110,000
Relocation Allowance - $5,000.
Paid Leave - 13 days
Federal Holiday 11 days.
401 K matching 25% up to 8%
Pay Cycle Bi weekly.

You have to US Citizen able to obtain security clearance. We hope you can get vaccinated and travel to Guam by July 2nd since we have a mission on July 5th 2021 for the boat.

Just curious, but what position?

Almost as good as the New York State Thruway looking for a tug captain paying a whopping $33 an hour.