Cabotage Waiver for UK ships in US?

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From U.K. Registry website info:

Who can get a U.K. Flag:
The following persons are qualified to be the owners of ships to be registered on Part 1 the Register:

-UK citizen
-British dependant territories citizen
-British overseas citizen
company incorporated in one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries
-citizen of a EU member state exercising your rights under articles 48 or 52 of the EU Treaty in the UK
-company incorporated in any British overseas possession which has its principal place of business in the UK or those possessions
-company in an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
-Commonwealth citizens. [note: there are 53 countries in the Commonwealth]
-citizens listed in Schedule 6
-non-United Kingdom nationals who are settled in the United Kingdom
-bodies corporate incorporated in a Commonwealth state
-bodies corporate incorporated in a country listed in Schedule 6

If none of the qualified owners are resident in the UK, a representative must be appointed who is either of the following:

-an individual resident in the UK
-a company incorporated in one of the EEA countries with a place of business in the UK

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Unbelievable doesn’t begin to cover it. One has to wonder what other treachery is underway.

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Come on Trump supporters on this forum. Explain to me how any of this will MAGA? Getting end runned by Boris Johnson in a trade deal is about as far from greatness as I can imagine.

We are so fucked


Enter the name of any world leader or dictator and that statement would be accurate. The narcissist in chief would sell his wife, mother, and children to be “best of friends” with any public figure who has the stomach to be seen with him.

History repeats itself, this time it has only taken 83 years.


I believe you will see Trump back away from the Cabotage for UK. I would say that’s Trump being Trump. When his advisers explain this fo him I think it will be done.

That said , I’m certain much will be made of it in the news.

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Yeah, that is pretty much what they said about Adolph in 1933. Read what American newspapers were saying about Germany that year … look up the Cleveland Press articles in January 1933.

This is serious shit, the US has a dangerous lunatic at the helm.


I don’t think you should worry too much about the noncommittal reply to the subject, “Many things … many things we are talking about”
He is just being Trump and don’t have a clue what cabotage is. (Or care much)

His indifference and ignorance are not comforting, nor a sign that it can be ignored. Someone, an important party in negotiation will seek it and the other didn’t put it down immediately nor appear to understand.

The real question is who will be putting a microphone in front of Secretary Chao to get her to make a decisive statement against it, being the staunch American Maritime Partnership hero of the year? Or is she willing to consider advising the President in favor of it? Or is she, “whatevs” about it?

No worries, like with the gun control thing and the mental check that he backtracked on, this will also happen with the cabotage. Like Ombugge said he has no idea what that is and means. The maritime industry is not his home turf, too far away from the real estate world.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he thought Boris was talking about Cabbage. He is just so fickle and quick to change course that we should all be extremely concerned.

The key would be to somehow remind him that this move is something that McCain wanted. That should doom it for good.


Gimme a. Break Steamer. You have Trump Derangement Syndrome… BAD :joy:

I dont think he knows what Cabotage is.
The concerning thing for me is how will Chao advise him on this?

Love it! I think you nailed that one!

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Of course the demented idiot doesn’t know what cabotage is, that doesn’t mean he is not a dangerous idiot.
And, it is not TDS, it is a clear vision of reality based on a solid foundation of historical events.

Trump’s actions are those of a mentally ill individual and are a danger to society.


Trump now denies, as usual, the idea he raised of using nukes to disrupt hurricanes by dropping a bomb in the eye of the storm. Clever. That the fallout will be carried westwards by the prevailing winds towards the US and the Caribbean is just an unfortunate byproduct, collateral damage. If the bomb does not work it has become then a Nuclear Hurricane. This guy is getting more interesting by the day and he certainly has an unparalleled high entertainment value. What’s next? May be that the next G7 will be held in Florida in one of his golf resorts. That will bring in some very needed extra cash. Cunning but a great idea!

I don’t find the idea of nuking hurricanes entertaining, it’s idiotic, beyond discussion for me. But I find watching people argue about it, getting pissed off about it & trying to have a meaningful discussion about it right down hilarious. Trump plays liberals like a fiddle & they gleefully allow him to.

About Trump & the cabotage issue. Trumps opponent have been wasting their ammo with the Mueller investigation that went no where, on stupid Greenland, on nuking hurricanes, on the true “shithole countries” comment, on the clueless pro-open boarders position, on a stupid GoM-to-Pacific wall etc. & now people don’t even care. The Democrats & liberals didn’t choose their battles with wacko Trump wisely & now it’s all just bullshit, politics as usual even for the important issues. So let’s keep talking about nuking hurricanes & invading Greenland because the idea of lifting the Cabotage laws is too scary.


It’s a classic con, the tactics of a pickpocket, distract then steal. That tactic is used because it works.

Cut taxs for the rich then cut social secuirty for the middle class while supporters chant “build the wall”.


We’ve all been in meetings when the stupidest person in the room chimes in with a totally off the wall comment that doesn’t have anything to do with the business at hand. Most times the group will let it slide & hopefully the stupidest person in the room learns to be quiet. Unfortunately, some times the 2nd most stupidest person in the room will start discussing the merits & pitfalls of whatever ridiculous comment that was made. I used to think Trump was the stupidest person in the room but the longer the 2nd stupidest people keep arguing with him the more I’m starting to think he is an evil genius intentionally baiting the stupidest out from his opponents. Too bad for them they haven’t figured the con out yet.

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The media is using a simple algorithm driven by clicks and eyeballs. Trump has found a way to block meaningful content by choking it with tweets.

Better information is out there, just takes a little effort. How many people will seek out better info as opposed to using sources that confirm existing beliefs remains to be seen.


I think it is more than reinforcing their original beliefs & biases but for the sheer entertainment value of it. I click on both CNN & Fox news because of the entertainment. Both are so far off the wall that it causes me to have an emotional response sometimes, usually of humor or dismay. I know many do it to feel anger or confirmation. Our media & politicians are performing beautifully for us. Trump is the ringmaster.

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