Cabotage Waiver for UK ships in US?

Or as somebody said: “He (Trump) is tweeting us into a recession.”

A president should be a connector, not someone who wants to split his country and play everyone against each other.


There is very little entertaining about having a lunatic for a leader.

True, but what are you going to do about it?
Even if he loose the 2020 election, will he willingly move out of the White House, or will declare the election as “fake news”, declare "national emergency and appointing himself “President for Life” like other dictators. Then stir up his base to back him in another Civil War??
Far fetched??? Yes, but is it impossible, given the present political climate??

I don’t think the ringmaster is a lunatic. He keeps his base entertained by making wild statements and thumbing his nose at convention. His opponents and the media take it all literally and their foaming at the mouth provides his base with more laughs. He has captured the attention of the developed world and it feeds his huge ego. Lunatic? I don’t think so. Crazy like a fox? Maybe.


A six year old child in a classroom, acting out, punching kids, swearing, standing on his chair, pulling down his pants and absolutely refusing to solve the math problem on the board as the teacher asked… the kids are glued to his outburst, because they can’t focus on anything else.

“What a genius! What a ringmaster!”

We need an President that is capable of showing genius by actually doing the math instead of saying he’s a math genius with his pants around his ankles.


I couldn’t agree more. He whips his opponents up into such a frenzy any/all of their credibility is lost.
Its classic.


The exact same thing was said about Obama by the Right… there will be no civil war.
Think about it , why would he stay … for the continued scrutiny , the fantastic money, or maybe it’s the great acdomidatuons. Nah … if / when Trump loses he will happily return to his billionaire life.

No. For protection against scrutiny and prosecution. Classical reason for dictators to hang on to power.
Hasn’t he already expressed an interest to stay on for 10-14 years?:

Obama said this repeatedly.

But keep posting because there are many on here that are ate up with TDS :joy:


I am curious WHO among us would flag this post , and for what reason ? Is this an attempt at censorship?


Yeah…How dare him post something that is NOT anti trump…

Trump to little girl: Oh! I love your puppy!!



What in the fuck are you talking about?

I see your sole comment on this thread doesn’t mention the word cabotage either? In fact, the last comment to mention it was #15, way back there by some smart fellar who at least tried. Since you didn’t flag anything from #15 to #32 speaks volumes about your motives & your world view. I’m not buying your “long paragraph” malarkey either. If you don’t like them don’t read them. It’s not like your computer screen is only an inch tall & you didn’t know it was long until it was too late. I hope it does bother you but I lost any respect I had for you. You now seem like a shallow thinker.


BoJo is a mastermind, USA can flood UK supermarkets with cheap chlorinated chicken and the British can flood US with FoC vessels. It’s a win-win.

And is anyone reading news from the G7 meeting in France? We have the original Trump, UK copy of Trump and a tropical Trump from Brazil. It’s a shitshow.

Oh no, anything but that!