C&G another crappy company to work for

So I got involved with another fucked up company….

C&G Boats is another outfit that feels you should be grateful to them for letting them allow you to work on their 30 year old equipment, low pay, and nonexistent benefits outside of your standard 80/20 medical and average 401k. No training, no airport pickup, no travel pay. Hell they even expected me to pickup my own room and board for what they deemed mandatory training. Last week I got a pink slip in the mail stating that my services are no longer required. No phone call, no text massage, no email. Hell I would have shown up for crew change as I don’t check the mail that often as all of our bills are handled on line and really what comes in the mail besides Netflix and junk mail that my wife insists on leaving on the table for a week because she might go through it? The stated reason was my services where no longer required.

So I a few days later it gets back to me that because I am getting my DP Limited license I will eventually leave C&G. Wow, that is fucked up. So they fire a guy who never gives them any problems, they only hear from me when stuff needs to be fixed during the morning report, always on time for crew change, and gets along with his crew members. I guess the part where I messed up is I don’t talk to the office enough, kiss enough ass and carry a set of knee pads with me every time I go to the office. Haven’t ever done that don’t ever plan on doing it, but because he MIGHT leave them for better opportunities. Yes I have been talking to a few companies but nothing has become available and I’m not going to leave automatically just because I get another offer. Also I would never leave them in a bind and not give plenty of notice when I was going to leave. They don’t know this but I had already turned down an offer from HOS after only working there for 3 months as after interviewing with HOS and realized that it would not be good fit for me and would be a waste of both of our times.

Maybe I screwed up asking to many question when they sold the Ms Sara Jane and the Ms Jolie trying to figure out the direction of the company hoping that they were trying to raise some capital to build some newer bigger boats because if this was the case I would gladly stick around with the understanding that I would be put on a newer boats. That was quickly but to pasture as they have no interest in doing that, but they feel that selling the two boats to Odeysea for 5 non DP mini supply boats and another 35 years old supply boat that they need to also DP and a few million dollars was a better bet. Now Odeysea is going to lengthen those two boats and make them DP2 which will be nothing as they already have a stern thruster and all ready have more below deck cargo space then and HOS 240 ft. It was becoming very clear to me that it was time to move on as there was just no room to advance where I currently was.

The kicker as of crew change this week they were trying to get my relief to work over as they could not find anybody to replace me! I did like working there I worked with one of the best crews I have ever had the pleasure to work with and the environment was laid back with little interference from the office.

I’ve spent that last few days looking for work but the field gets pretty narrow when you narrow your option to companies that have plenty of DP-2 boats and preferably some 6000ITC boats as I don’t what to go to another company and have one foot out the door looking for opportunity to advance my career because they only have old outdated equipment and no plans to change that. So the plan now is to go home and chill around the house and listen and play a whole lot of music will I wait a few more weeks for my DP License comes in and go knock on some door again.
So I guess if you have no aspirations to EVER go anywhere else so you can get your DP unlimited and 6000 ITC C&G is a great place to be and right now they are looking for at least a 500 ton mate. It’s just a shame that the most professional people you’ll be dealing with are the ones on the boats and not in the office.

They don’t call C&G cheap and greedy for no reason.

[QUOTE=ElCapitan;116785]They don’t call C&G cheap and greedy for no reason.[/QUOTE]

Their employment model… C&G Comin’&Goin’.

You’ll get another job don’t sweat it man.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;116800]You’ll get another job don’t sweat it man.[/QUOTE]

I agree completely…good riddance to bad rubbish I always say!

Go find a position with one of the “real” offshore operators with the excellent new equipment even if they are all effing mafia Nazis!

anyway, you have a very large support group here in case you need a virtual “group hug”…

except I’ll take the babe in the middle…she looks a wee bit like the lust of my life Lucy Lawless!

Six months from you’ll look back on this and realize they likely did you a favor.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for the support guys. I know things will work out as I always end up where I need to be at the time. Just pissed that things went down the way they did. At least they are letting me collect unemployment, that’s almost unheard of among these low rent operators.

As for the support group you recommend C. Captain I’m more into redheads, but hey a port in any storm right and I’m sure two blonds can make any pain go away for a while right? :wink: