Bumble Bee Safety Striping

I’m about to say something that will come back to haunt me: bumble :honeybee: stripping aboard ship is :100: waste of time.



Looks super Industrial tho.

It’s effective, but obviously not at that level.

It does break the monotony of standard paint schemes. But most times it illicts a “no shit” thought

100% waste of time? No. 100% of what’s done in that photo? Yes.


They have effectively camouflaged the heck out of that water tight door, and the tripping hazard in front of it.

Wonder how much this cost the company in OT?


Is it more effective than just yellow paint around the edges? Why are the black stripes necessary?

I think it depends on the area. I was always a fan of less is more, just something enough to catch your eye with enough contrast with the other paint colors so that you notice it.

I mainly used just yellow as a hazard color for small things. Larger areas like SnapBack zones would sometimes be black and yellow, mostly to give contrast to the red decks.

In this case I would says some yellow around the edge of the door and maybe the raised threshold would be useful - here the whole thing just gets lost.


Agree contrast is the key, and like @Louisd75 said that’s practically camouflaged!

Why the heck is the bulkhead to the right yellow? Totally unnecessary. Same with the deck outside of the ramp, shouldn’t be stripped. Also the door itself…the pinch point is the edge of the door, which ironically is not stripped!

Someone might be more inclined to trip on that ramp since they did such a great and unnecessary job of matching the floor stripes.

I wish I had their paint budget!

(Never heard it called “bumble bee”, always “tiger stripes”)


Yeah we called it tiger stripes too until someone in hr got them to change it to bumble bee in the manual. Bumble bee is more pc.

This just shows how effective effective some of the pc stuff is when it gets entrenched in company culture. I honestly forgot that most still call it tiger stripping.

How can bumble bee be more PC than tiger striping? Are tigers complaining?
I do not for one moment miss trite phrases like “going forward” WTF is that is supposed to mean was there an option of going backwards? “All on the same page” is another annoyance.

Well, all those stripes are just “in an abundance of caution”.

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Just so that we’re all on the same page, going forward you should know that I’ve always heard “tiger stripes” as slang for stretchmarks caused by weight gain or pregnancy.

Now it’s anti-pollinator instead, for shame!

Caption this photo:
When you ordered 3’ of safety striping tape and they sent 3 sq. yards instead… shame to waste it, might as well use it…

When was the last time you were on a ship?

The black greatly contrasts the yellow creating more attention getting scheme. Note the pure yellow behind the pipes. Nothing about that grabs attention…just looks like a normal bulkhead.

Also what is somebody is completely color blind?

Then they probably didn’t pass their CG physical and shouldn’t be on the ship.

Was this in the gulf?…probably some grumpy Alabama fans

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All ships are under the jurisdiction of the USCG? Passengers must pass a physical to be aboard a ship?

No, but every legitimate nation has a licensing requirement for a physical and the STCW also has a section for color vision.

And I don’t know what ships you’ve been on but we don’t let passengers operate the watertight doors.

Quibbling aside, it’s too much paint.

Bumble bee safety striping is only on water tight doors?