Happily west of the worst

I realize this is a bit of a yachter question to ask. It doesn’t necessarily relate at all to the merchant industry, save lives, nor increase revenues/salaries, etc., but what are your opinions about flag etiquette? Hard to explain why, but I like to run up the colors every morning and strike at sunset (even at my house if I’m there).

Maybe I need a girlfriend, LOL!

Kill two birds with one stone. Get a girlfriend and have her hoist the flag.


Any time we get underway we run the flag. Not usually dockside because it gets tangled in the mast…
I would hope that most if not all mariners do this!

It became second nature to me long ago. I used to work as a contractor on civilian crewed naval support craft and it only took one ass chewing company wide to make sure any and all of the vessels ran a flag underway.


better still…have her wear your flag

but first our OP will need that girlfriend which might be rather difficult for someone like him

ten hut…hand salute!


Her flag offends me… she should remove it… slowly. :wink:


Yes, she’s admittedly attractive. And I’ll confess, she dumped me. Fun though.