Building a Small Sailboat

Anyone with experience building a boat? Sail or otherwise. In particular starting with almost none of the required skills?

wood or composite?

Nice job.

Brother in law’s fleet of homebuilts in Lunenburg, except for the NorEaster. There’s always a project being worked in the boathouse. He’s a 83 years old retired commander and is still at it.

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Nice, I like the flat bottom, fewer curves to deal with.

Back in the day when New Zealand had strict controls on imports there was a New Zealand yacht designer called Hartley who designed a range of sailboats up to 25 feet that were designed to be built in plywood by amateurs. A friend and I built a 14 foot catamaran to his design that was lightning quick. We were both still at school but his father was an engineer and one of his brothers was a builder so we had a bit of help now and again.

When I was in high school, my uncle rebuilt 16’ Rebel daysailer. It was a compromise - he found an old one with a fiberglass hull and wood deck. It wasn’t as daunting as a full build or restoration.

My uncle was a pretty decent woodworker. The boat was beautiful when he was done. I think he may have replaced with plywood with planking and the gunwales carved. It was also HEAVY. IIRC, most in the area wanted the old wood topped hulls for racing because they were lighter than the full fiberglass hulls. He fixed that. :laugh:

He & my father took it out for the shake down cruise and promptly dumped it over. My uncle forgot to replace the styrofoam flotation under the seats. Oops. There was still enough buoyancy to keep the bow out of the water. Uncle who was not a great swimmer used the beer cooler as flotation until someone towed them back to the dock.