Steel Gaff Topsail Yawl Must Roos

Very true, I am biased against wooden boat fanatics. I was once recruited by a boat owner whom I had never met before to be a chaperone on a sailing boat with some Sea Scouts.

I only had one question. “What’s it made of?”. He answered “steel” and I immediately agreed to go. Had a nice day sail with the kids.

That’s not me BTW, it’s the owner and builder.

The Must Roos. Don’t recall the owners name. He was a retired engineer. He built the equipment that made those bends in that steel.

Here’s another photo of the owner:

I have never heard of this boat. Nice looking steel (yawl?), but that opening hinged hatch in the deck next to the port scuppers looks very scary!

I never noticed that until after I posted that photo. That boat was solid. It functioned as a “pirate ship” at various waterfront events and as a liveaboard for the couple that owned it.

Here’s a photo at the end of the trip at East Boothbay. The owner / builder was Tomm Tomlinson.

Guy on the right with the red pants was salty ex-coastie, He kept an eye on the position the whole time. To the left with the blue lifejacket is James L. Nelson, author of George Washington’s Secret Navy and Benedict Arnold’s Navy.

Here’s a photo of the owner. - from here: