Celebrating Washington's Birthday -- a Brief Look Back at Washington's Navy

From the article:

To learn more of “Admiral” Washington’s navy, I can recommend James Nelson’s George Washington’s Secret Navy – How the American Revolution Went to Sea

I had forgotten I already had this book on my bookshelf, I’ve started reading it - it’s very good, especially for anyone interested in American history.

I bought the book after meeting the author.

Might be a photo of author James Nelson in one of the photos in this thread.

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Love visiting the gunboat Philadelphia in the Smithsonian. :heart_eyes: Amazing to think you can draw a direct line from her to USS Constitution in Boston to Abraham Lincoln today.


Just finished 'Washington’s Secret Navy". Good book.

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Yes, it is good. Just read about the grounding of the customs schooner Gaspee during the chase of the packet Hannah. the author Nelson does a nice job there.

I’d never heard of the Gaspee before. It was interesting how the relatively tame Boston Tea Party gets so much attention in comparison.

Washington’s ability to keep Congress in the dark about his ships for so long was interesting. So was reading again how Congress’s ways haven’t changed much. Interesting read for me at least, educated on the then enemy side in maritime Canada. It’s a great addition to the history I’ve read about the era.
Without him, the revolution would have been crushed or at least very much delayed.