Pennsylvania Maritime Academy

Just wondering if anyone here (would likely have to be from the older crowd) ever came across any alumni of this school in their careers?

I heard of it mentioned up until around 1949 only, but cannot find much history on it before its closure.

The references on Wikipedia are a great place to start when doing research. After that I would look to see if there are any public records available at the city hall. Another place to look would be the local public libraries, often libraries will have historic collections that are not in circulation. Maybe you could find a year book, and try to track down alumni or family of alumni that way.

Eh I’m somewhat iffy with Wikipedia for anything. After all, it can be written and edited by anybody.

I was more just curious if anyone had ever run into any alumni from the school in their own careers

Not familiar with that school but while looking for information of the USMS school my father went to I found an interesting link. Perhaps if you keep clicking you can find what you’re looking for.

Literally anyone can write a book, are you leery of them too? Wikipedia give a good 50,000 foot view of a subject. If you want more detail there are always the the sources cited on the bottom of the page. And yes, I fully agree that this is not perfect. Problems like citogenesis do exist, but that wont stop me from starting my research at Wikipedia.

Not the same thing at all, but okay.