Is the BST all the things you do to get your STC?

I am trying to get my 500 ton master before the rules change. I already have a 100 ton master 200 ton mate, AB, Radar observer unlimited, Basic and advanced firefighting,

would my 100 ton master be good for my RFPNW, since it is a lic that states that i can hold a nav watch?

Hey Skinny,
Your list of certs you already have (BST, Adv. FF, RADAR) looks pretty good, but I think you’ll also need:
RFPNW (pretty sure your 100 won’t cover that)
Proficiency in Survival Craft

Wouldn’t it be nice if NMC had a checklistfor 500 ton Master? But the good news is that there is a checklist for Staff Officer (you know, purser, yeomans, etc.), so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

here is the [B][I][U]“OLD CHECKLIST”[/U][/I][/B] that NMC took off their site…this might be a good starting point for those on here seeking this raise in grade??


skinny stick…also here is the current checklist for mate 500/1600tn…this maybe your next raise in grade??

Hmmm, is it me or does it seem that the NMC is making it tough for mariners to gain access to information for licenses that are going to change soon? Once again, thanks for gcaptain…

Skinny Stick - Email the NMC and they will email you the new 500 T Master checklist. And it is actually coherent! Can’t find it here, it must be on a different computer and I can post it when I find it later today. Or email me with your email address and I can send one to you.

Don’t forget Medical Care Provider and our favorite, Flashing Lights.

I don’t know how close you are to Louisiana, but you can knock off your RFPNW at L E Fletcer in 2 days on their simulator.

Hey, Bud, I’m in the same race as you before the rules get changed.

Optional classes are GMDSS and ARPA.

Good luck!

Here’s the current 500 - 1600 Oceans checklist from NMC.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

And thanks to Conspearasea who first posted the new 500 T Master checklist on gCaptain.

What about the OICNW classes? Or is there some strange loop hole that I haven’t been able to find that lets us 100 ton guys skip all that if were going to for our 500 ton?

You can knock off your RFPNW at L E Fletcer in 2 days on their simulator.

Tuition is about $425. Ask them if they have any grants to cover tuition.

When you call them, be sure to ask for Capt. Bruce. They have different RFPNW classes, and you want to get into the correct one.

They were approved last December to offer the class for 100 T Masters who are upgrading. When you are done, you will have all your evaluations forms completed.

Good luck!

OICNW applies to Mates, I have heard it explained that the time needed for the Masters ( sea time as Master or Mate ) satisfies the operational experience for lower level licenses.

I was recently emailed the same checklist that has been posted, from the NMC, when I called looking for the list. It doesn’t list OICNW like the Mates checklist does. My take on the issue is that to get the 500/1600 Masters you have to have time as a Master/Mate on over 50/100 GRT vessels. This gives you the experience, that someone getting a 500/1600 Mates ticket would not necessarily have, such as an AB going up to Mate.

It looks to me like the “up the hawsepipe” loophole for the 100GRT and 200GRT Masters/Mates to take. Instead of going straight to the 500/1600 ton levels from AB, we have chosen to work on the smaller tonnage vessels to gain the experience.

I will have more info about the validity of my theory, as soon as I either get my “approval to test” letter…or my Letter stating I need more training.

So Skinny, how is the process coming along? You still on the same vessel we talked about before? Good luck w/the upgrade, we are in the same boat here racing the clock (w/o really knowing how much time we have left!).

Conspearasea - You are correct that the new check list does not reference OICNW, but it does list a requirement for “Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch - Assessments ONLY” on the second page.

That is the one you can knock off in a simulator in two days, I believe. Hope so, anyway! I got it done last December, before I was aware of the new checklist.

I’m just waiting to get ARPA done before I send in my application. The ARPA class this week at Young Memorial was cancelled because the USCG has not yet inspected their new classroom. Same equipment and instructor that had been approved in their old classroom, but that is the way the USCG wants it.

I already have RFPNW on my STCW, as part of my AB credentials…I am hoping that will suffice for my needs.

Good luck w/ your upgrades, I am sure you will keep us posted as I surely will share my experiences.

Sounds like you have it under control! I’d like to get my ARPA knocked off next month. I’m lining up a gig for the summer, and it would be great to have all the classes behind me.

I’m at the top of a waiting list for an ARPA class in April on the West Coast. Young has an ARPA class scheduled for May, but the USCG needs to inspect them first, and who knows how long that will take. L E Fletcher doesn’ have one until June. So I’ll be on the phone tomorrow morning calling other schools for class availability.

I am expecting to come up a couple of weeks shy in my time on vessels over 50 T. Although I got my license in '81, most of my time has been on smaller vessels. I am lining up a gig up here on the Great Lakes for the summer that will knock off those final days, if necessary.

Maybe it is time for starting a thread for those of us upgrading to 500 before the rule change. There has been a lot of good information on gCaptain, but it is buried in a lot of different threads.

Let us know how it goes Conspearasea!