Breakneck LNG Build-Out Shows Germany Can Move Fast

Still do that with crude.

Loaded in Corpus, went to St. James. Discharged, backloaded from the same tanks I pumped it into and one other, the API changed half a point, and went back to Corpus.

Somebody makes money. I just don’t know how.

Could be something to do with the goodies inside the crude match the end product or chemical/plastic/whatever better??

I like the hurry up and get there because we can’t be late, then sit at anchor for 7 days waiting to go in to unload. We could’ve burned half the fuel, but “charterer pays for it”.

The LNG terminal in Eemshaven (The Netherlands) consist out of the EEMSHAVEN LNG and the LNG Tanker GOLAR IGLOO
Photo: Kees de Vries (c)
This Dutch terminal serves Germany as well as other EU countries.

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Finland is quicker:

LNG is 3 times more expensive than pipeline gas due to the transit and gasification costs. There is not enough LNG supply to make up for the absence of Russian gas, hence the Energy Crisis in Europe.

Testing and training in progress at Lubmin terminal:

Not up and running just yet, though:

That LNG has to be handled a lot. This costs much money and also consumes lots of LNG as it boils off.

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Say what now??

What could possibly go wrong with that?