BP Claims money for supply boat crews?

It looks like BP isn’t alloting any funds for supply boat crews affected by the moratorium. People who now have to work on half time or even third time due to the slowdown. I noticed the rig workers get a cut though.
I tested and was issued my 500 ton Master Oceans right before the Explosion. And had a reasonable expectation of advancement. Now there are to many masters working and to many boats tied up. Leaving me still scrubbing toilets for less pay. Is there an established channel for recourse on this???

Theres nothing. I’ve had a claim in for 2 months and keep getting denied. It’s really funny because I know 3 people who had ZERO to do with the gulf or the spill who got about 20K each. In my opinion…its total bullshit. We have to eat too.

[QUOTE=crabboyjimmy;43472] Is there an established channel for recourse on this???[/QUOTE]

Quit feeling sorry for yoursef and try harder. There is plenty of work for those who want it. No one is going to come looking for you, you have to make it happen.

I just read about how the BP spill is affecting OSV in a story at www.MaritimePress.org about a supply boat companies attempt to cut jobs. WOW.
Thought cut-throat was only in Pirate movies. Its a shame.

[QUOTE=Capt. Ken Wahl;43680]I just read about how the BP spill is affecting OSV in a story at www.MaritimePress.org about a supply boat companies attempt to cut jobs. WOW.
Thought cut-throat was only in Pirate movies. Its a shame.[/QUOTE]

That is one of the most ridiculous one sided articles I have ever read. It sounded like a rant from a disgruntled ex-employee. I can tell you from first hand experience that they give everyone a fair shake. I wrote a guy up there one time for performance and attitude reasons. In my opinion the company was wasting time and resources on the individual. The employee was doing some things right, but the whole package was not there. Anyway, he was unable to return to the vessel I was assigned. Instead, he was reassigned to another division in the company. I was a little upset because I thought he should have been terminates, but I did my part. Eventually his true colors did come out, but it was not until several incidents at the expense of 100+K of damage and assault and battery of a fellow officer. Every company has some dead wood. Any downturn can be the time companies choose to clean the plow. I personally have not heard of any company getting rid of people in the manner the article implies. Is it the companies fault if someone fails a piss test? They can test me 8 days a week if they want. It will not change the result. I know for a fact that the tone set in the article is not correct. Seniority means a lot in the company, “BUT” what you can do for the company today means something, too.

As far as legitimate claims, I am all for that. Someone that upgraded their license, but has yet to fill the position with a loss of potential income that is yet to be realized is stretching it… a lot. Just because someone gets their license does not mean they are ready to fill that capacity. Some can, but it has been my experience that it takes years to develop the skills needed to be proficient in vessel and crew management. If you want more options tomorrow, you have to make the sacrifices today.

Anybody that can’t pass a drug test 7 days a week (in the transportation industry) shouldn’t be there, I agree! I too believe the license doesn’t make the operator, it takes time. Overall, it is harsh. I hate to see anything like that happen. Unless, the person is reasonably proven to be a repeat offender, sure they gotta go. Of course I’ve seen some guys we wish we could get rid of, but for[I] some reason[/I] they (company) won’t or can’t. Rough…

So… Not feeling sorry for myself, and don’t see how an intelligent person would surmise that from my post. The original question still stands, and is with the rational that even a waiter can claim for lost tips, and the guys that were working on the rigs are compensated, but not the supply boat crews. Was seeking answers for not just myself, but any crew member interested.
As for it being a legitimate claim, well I bet every Captain on thyis forum started at the bottom, upgraded and advanced. And based on my level of skills, I have a realistic expectation of that advancement.
Not quite sure how a simple question turned into a pissing match???

I guess I can’t argue with that logic. I do not personally know any supply boat Captains that are not working because of the oil spill. I do know guys that are making just as much or more this year than the years before on supply boats and they are able to work as much as they want.

I have to agree that there could be some legitimate claims.

I received my new MMC (500 GRT/ 3000 GT OSV) on April 15th. I was told that I would finish my hitch on the Mini-Supply, take my two weeks off and return to an OSV to begin training. Instead of going home, on April 29th I was sent to take another Mini-Supply out of the stacked fleet and go on charter to work the spill response. I am still assigned to the Mini-Supply and the stacked fleet is full of the OSVs I had hoped to advance to, with the attendant increase in pay.

Even though I haven’t missed any work and get a few extra dollars a day for holding the higher tonnage MMC, I feel that I have lost income due to the actions of BP.

Just my two cents worth…

I think the worst may be ahead of us if the permits do not get issued and get that drill-bit turning to the right. Even with the moratorium lifted no one that I know of is drilling in the GOM. Anyone know of any rigs actually drilling yet?

[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;44221]I think the worst may be ahead of us if the permits do not get issued and get that drill-bit turning to the right. Even with the moratorium lifted no one that I know of is drilling in the GOM. Anyone know of any rigs actually drilling yet?[/QUOTE]

I agree. The OSV companies will be hurting the first quarter of 2011. Even though several clients are on the hook for contracts in the future, it will get worse in the short term, and it is getting worse now.

One transocean rig is drilling a water-injection well, just took them out a load of 300 --16 inch pipes, not sure how much longer they can drill,benn giving them mud, water, bayrite, for the last several months

It has definitely slowed down. The company I work for suddenly has gone from 15 crewboats working to about 5. Hitches have been cut from 4 weeks to 2, and there have been layoffs. I was hoping things would pick up in the first quarter of 2011.

Crude has got to go over $90/bbl for things to pick up in the GOM. $120 would be ideal for exploration, production, employment etc and it’s a reasonable price IMO.

With oil above $80 the only thing holding back the oil companies is the Government by not issuing any new deep water drilling permits. Most oil company posted huge profits last quarter, even BP, so it’s not for lack of funds that there is no drilling going on. I’ll just end it there as I will just go on a political rant that’s not needed

I know of Rig that just started last month drilling around MP-59, but that’s shallow water.

I was supporting another Rig that was contracted to rework several wells in the MP-41 field. But the company hasn’t kept it up very well and as it was jacking up the other day it started shearing off teeth. That was after they spending a month replacing all the hydraulic lift motors on all the legs when three of them deiced to go out at once as it was jacking down to start on a new well. So they went on down time and hauled to Fourchon to go to ship yard and we got released. Hopefully they wont be out long and will be back with them in a week or so.

We were one of nine boats released by Chevron today. Were hoping it’s just a holiday slowdown and we will see a little pick up in January

Yeah its a real bitch move for a company like Hornbeck offshore to furlough crews right before the holidays I stand in a long line of people that are trying to find work I a dead industry if your looking to find work in the gulf good luck with that is all I have to say and forget trying to get anything from Bp companys like Hornbeck are in bed with Bp they don’t want to loose any future jobs from a major player in the oil industry all they have to do is admit that they are laying people off because of the oil spill. Or making there employees work on an even time schedule I have worked for said company for over 4 years and to be put out like this right at this time of the year I will never have anything good to say about Hornbeck offshore

Crabboyjimmy, what kind of user name is that? Anyway, the Deepwater Horizon incident has certainly effected my employment. I came to Brazil about 2 years ago due to the general slow down in the Gulf. Prior to the explosion the rig count in the Gulf had been on a steady rise. I had contacted my company and requested a transfer back home. They agreed. That was just days before the explosion. The offer to relocate me to the Gulf was immediately rescinded. I don’t think I’d get in line for a check from BP but I would certainly argue that many of us in the supply boat sector have been directly effected by this.