Bowditch for USCG Exams

The resale value of that 1981 Bowditch you’ve been hoarding may have just plummeted.


Aw man now all of those cheat codes won’t work anymore!!


How is it difficult to obtain?

So why not keep the old ones in the room and just add the 2019 version

Print on Demand.

So…not very hard.

Maybe not, but what year is the Bowditch you might use on the job? Probably some time after the year you were born. Maybe it isn’t a good look to be handing a 21 year old applicant a book that was published 20 years before they were born and trying to argue it’s still relevant.

NMC reviewed their questions and any questions that needed the 1981 version and could not be answered with 2019 were retired. So maybe a 3 year old pub is better than one 41 years old.

Also, maybe the Fed govt paying a private vendor for an outdated government document might be a bad look…[paging John Stossel…]

So make me an offer for the 1981 edition I bought as a cadet. Any offer over 10 cents will be considered. A stamp from my academy issued ID stamp is an added bonus (added bonus, it’s the same as my gCap ID…) That alone adds 4 or 5 cents value…


11 cents.

I’ll bump up to a quarter if you gift wrap it, nicely.

A whole Kennedy $0.50 piece. But only if you ship it.

How much with an autograph?