Bowditch 2 PDF

Any chance someone has a PDF version of Bowditch II (1981) on hand? The only links I can find through google bring one to the latest versions. I know the information is the same, but I’m trying to find the actual exam room copy.



You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman

I have the other exam room pubs (light list/coast pilot, etc) if you need them

Thanks, Christine. I think the RECs use the current version of those, no? If so, I’ve already sourced them online. Thanks!

Hello Brennan,

NO, the 3 charts, the tide & current tables, nautical almanacs and light lists/coast pilots are all frozen in time (1981ish).

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In that case, I’ll take them if you don’t mind. Thanks again!

I’ll send you a PM with a link to a google drive link!

Thanks a lot for the link, I have been looking all over for it. However, I can’t open it with Acrobat reader for some reason. Does anyone have the same problem? I managed to open it with, though I wonder why there’s such a problem.

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With most modern browsers you can open a PDF, thus without Reader. Otherwise try this:

Open Reader, navigate to Edit menu -> Preferences -> Security Enhances & disable the Protected mode.

Check if it brings any change.

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