Bouchard Sues Glassdoor Over Identity of Anonymous Former Employee


And that is it. Bourchard has their own reputation. Deservedly? Maybe. I only had to deal with them a few times back in my Class days. To be honest, I found the vessels no worse or better than most in the industry. Dealing with the office? Well, that was unique, at times.


I rarely see Bouchard vessels and I’ve never been aboard one, but they looked like nice boats.

I’ve worked with a few former Bouchard guys, they liked the boats, but in their opinion, managememt sucked.

I hear there are lots of former Bouchard guys.


When I was younger I worked in high end restaurants in a major tourist city. Fine dining and all that. One in particular was always rated amongst the best. Great food, great service, great ambiance (and a great price to match). But if you went into the kitchen you’d see how unsanitary it was. I always wondered how many people went home and got the shits.


Ah, restaurants are their own special disaster behind the scenes. Like most folks, I started my working career in the food service industry. Sit down restaurants. No fast food for me. . . oh the stories we could tell. . …


This BS harassment lawsuit is really going to help them attract and retain high-quality mariners. Not the first time they have shot themselves in the foot recently.


I personally knew some of the Bouchard’s, Bobby in particular, he was one of the one members of that family to get his hands dirty. I remember my Old Man asking Bobby the average seniority of their Mates (he was looking for a job for my Brother) Bobby looked right at him, laughed and said about 2 weeks.

Back in the 80’s I did a bunch of repair work on their Tugs and Barges. One Chief wanted a spare Breaker for the Main Board that was close to $2,000. So, I called Bobby and he said give it to him because if he has a break down and doesn’t have the spares onboard, he’s fired!

One thing that I do respect Bouchard for is that they continued to carry AE’s even after all the other N.Y. Companies Automated their rigs and did away with the AE’s back in the 70’s.

Bouchard was made infamous back in the 80’s when they tied up the entire fleet to Rip (remove with great force) all of the Washer and Dryers off of every vessel over a OT Dispute.

If you’ve ever heard a crazy sounding story about Bouchard and can’t believe it’s true, it probably is very true!

As for them going after Glassdooor for the ID’s, this does not surprise me in the least.


I’ve heard stuff about them here before. A company ought to know by now that a good reputation is hard to earn, and easy to lose.


The Barbara Streisand Effect.


If the former employees statements are true, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just like Yelp, you visited and dined at a restaurant, you are entitled to your own opinion. Plus, if you have any real time in our industry, you should well know Bouchard’s reputation of hiring/firing/hiring/firing/hiring/firing…:rofl:. Call a spaid a spaid. This goes to show that they are desperate to save what little face they have concerning safety. Prove it and show it, don’t be a baby and sue for it.


I’ve heard Bouchard won this case. Anyone confirm for me?


I believe it comes down to if a reasonable person understands what’s said to be either an opinion or an assertion of fact (by competent authority).

An opinion: “The restaurant was disgusting and no one should eat there,” (said by a guest).

An assertion of fact: “The restaurant had rats in the kitchen and rat droppings in the food storage,” (said by an employee).

If the ‘fact’ were untrue then it’s libel or slander and isn’t protected.


It’s ‘spade’. in this market you take what you can get, it isn’t exactly a "buyers market’,
further: we all “die alone” , curb the socialist mentality.