Bordelon Marine

How is Bordelon Marine to work for? Did the search thing and only found one thread about newbuilds. How is their pay/benefits/schedule? Thanks !

Under 100 ton boats. They are building 3 larger OSV’s (that will be over 100 tons). First one coming out I believe in March/April time frame. They have some people who have been there a while.

Shit hole company, low pay, horrible benefits, will ask you too break the law to make a buck. Half of the leads are prima donna assholes, the other half are great to work with. The port captains are good guys, but the owner tolerates US mariners because the law says he has to use us as we are eating into his profits. Never mind that he already pay $100 a day less then average. Also be sure to count your fingers after shaking the general managers hand.

Yea I hold a grudge, but quitting them was the kick in the ass I needed to finish up getting my 500 ton.

[QUOTE=ForkandBlade;99422]How is Bordelon Marine to work for? Did the search thing and only found one thread about newbuilds. How is their pay/benefits/schedule? Thanks ![/QUOTE]

Why look at smaller boat companies? The big boys are all hiring engineers.

I’m flying down in the very near future and am trying to figure out the order of companies that I want to start with. Obviously I’m gonna harrass Hornbeck/Chouest first, after that I know very little and trying to get the pecking order down there. For someone who has no experience on OSVs, I’m gonna start at the top and work my way down. First that hires on a 2/1 schedule and I’m there.

In Order from New Orleans to Golden Meadow then over to Lafayette of companies worth checking out

HOS- North Shore
Gulfmark- New Orleans
Otto Candies
Gulf Offshore Logistics
Harvey Gulf
L&M BoTruck

Seacor- Houma
Oceaneering- Morgan city
Laboard- Morgan City
Aries- Lafayette
Kilgore- Lafayette- Don’t know if these guys are any good, but if you make it to Lafayette might as well drop in.

Now your big four are Candies, Chouest, Harvey, and HOS. With GOL being a strong contender.

Hope that helps. If you dont get a bite at any of those places then start stopping at any place with a boat on it’s sign.

But really you can do better then Bordelon. I don’t know if they are hiring for the big boats yet but I know you won’t make more then $150 a day working the deck on the small boats since they have no need for a licensed engineer. Same for Abdon since they don’t have anything over 100 tons either.

1600 Ton Master/Mates Chief Engineer/Unlimited Seaman, Ordinary
About the Job

Marine Inc



1600 TON











Great Benefits


Come and be part

of a growing


New Vessel
Pending 1st/2nd

Quarter 2013

Apply in person at
682 Thompson Rd

Houma, LA 70363

Or mail resume

with complete

work history and

licenses to

P.O. Box 619

Lockport, LA 70374

Must be able to

pass physical and

DOT Drug Screen