Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom

Anyone have a pool going for when the next boom starts in the oil patch? Mr Gary going to make it rain soon? Todd? Hearing all kinds of rumors and I’m anxious to start filling out new credit applications… I’ve been so repressed!

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I thought Jeaux Bawss managed to make people like you go extinct in 2015.

They obviously missed you when you were taking a shit at the Love’s truckstop in West Podunka Kentucky

They didn’t get us all… La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha. I am looking for a used wheelbarrow to haul my cash around if any of you old timers have one your not using anymore.


You should pay someone to push that wheelbarrow around for you, that kind of work will be below you soon enough.


So unpredictable. Bastards with the inland wells / Saudis & Russians / political turmoil / terror attacks / Mother-in-laws. Add to that the visible loss of places in the industry for those who did not go to Starfleet. Ship automation / alternative energy. There’s a lot going against us. I really don’t think we’ll ever see a return to the heights, pay wise…nothing with a sense of permanency.


Permanence, shermanence, I don’t need no stinking permanence! I just need a few fat pay stubs to get my credit applications approved. Perhaps you don’t understand the boom /bust cycle?

Sand_Pebble, I like the way you think!

Any thoughts on how many will come crawling back to the patch once the money comes in? Gonna be a shortage for sure, I think anyway. Drill rigs are starting to beat the bushes. Everyone talks tough but when they smell money some are going to cave, swallow their pride, and choose the color of their kool-aid.

Next question: Is it going to be benefits or just day rate only that tips the scales?

Just thinking out loud while I shop for a new truck.

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Oh, it is booming, just not offshore. Get your ass to the Permian. . . .


They’re be fist fights at the doors waiting for the offices to open! It’ll be as rough as the Wal-Mart in the bad part of town on Black Friday morning. Everyone will be wearing the same company logo’ed clothing & PPE that they were wearing when they were laid off. The good times are back again & this time they’ll be here forever!

And this time you’ll promise not to piss it all away??


They’ll be no reason to worry about being thrifty as long as we get hired by a good company that will stand by their employees & take care of us if business ever goes south again.

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I’m happy to see that the work is increasing around the gulf and more vessels are being put to work but let’s not forget it’s the beginning of summer where most construction projects are underway. I hope the good times will temporarily roll but I’m not too optimistic. Day rates have to rise with the rigs first then the vessels will follow. I’m concerned about the current vessel day rates already spoiling the producers. Whats to stop every company from under bidding for years to come that will prevent day rates from rising?

If they get rid of the quacks like Duet they would be able to actually hire more qualified mariners instead of the 1 in 10 that passes their incredibly overly intensive physicals.

Like one that “never does layoffs”?

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More like 9 in 10 pass.

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I think it is safe to say anyone who has been in the work force for any amount of time knows companies layoff when the need (or want) to & the rightful goal of businesses is to make money & stay in business, not to provide jobs.

When the hiring starts ramping up you will be surprised how many people pass the physical. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the first sign-on bonus will be offered by the spring of '19 and it will be from Harvey Gulf. Any takers?

Anyone know where I can get some custom exhaust work done on my F450 4x4 diesel? Want me some of them big stacks coming up at the back of the cab like some big bull horns. Can’t be to tall because I park it underneath my trailer and I had to skimp on the height of the stilts during the last downturn.

Mai you worry too much dere my fren. Wit dose fat paychecks, you’ll soon be able to pay cash for one a dem Condom Onions . I guarontee it eh!


Except at one specific company where almost everyone that worked there believed the line that they “don’t do layoffs”, even the guys that had been there long enough to have seen layoffs still believed it.


I’m constantly amazed at how terrible mariners are with money. I remember one time I had to buy a guy making $130,000/year breakfast on the way to work. “aww man I’m sorry I’ll hit you back…” I remember thinking, I’m more worried about your 3 kids than getting my $7 back. But to each their own.


I know the company you are referring to & they can’t sell themselves on a friendly work environment or stellar retirement/401K plan so they have to come up with something to bring in employees. Considering too many mariners are either dumb or desperate, any lie will suffice to meet the minimum manning requirements. The “we never layoff” lie is just as good as any other I guess? It will be water under the bridge if the pay is right & all will be forgotten.