Books and boats -- has anybody here worked a cable repair boat?

I’m a novelist working on a (potential) book about a cable repair ship. I wonder if anyone on here has ever worked one of these ships? I’ve spent a little time on the Leon Thevenin in the course of some early research. I’m also interested in anyone who might have worked the shipping off the west coast of Africa (boats of any sort). Or if anyone can point me to any literature that might help? Or put me in contact with someone who might have worked these sort of waters/boats?
I’d be very grateful to establsh contact …
This is a legitimate enquiry. I’m a full-time novelist (my website is
With thanks in advance

I worked on this fine piece of late 70s designed automation for probably six months about 15 years ago. Mostly North Atlantic. Spent plenty of time on other ships off the Horn of Africa enjoying the relentless humidity and blistering sun…but never had the pleasure of cruising the western coast. Of course the only port we got was Djibouti, Djibouti, the place so nice they named it twice.

I worked on this. I’d been working as mate on an Aleutian freighter and the company went out of business. I though it’d be nice to take a break from working in Alaska, first trip was to Adak.