Bluewater Chief

It looks like GOL has a new fast supply vessel being delivered today. Forgive me if I missed something, but I didn’t know they were getting more like the Ms Netty. How many more are they getting?

Maybe they renamed the newly modified Ms Caroline.

Lol I may have believed that if I haven’t seen her running around Fourchon.

The Chief is a 200. The Netty is 225. I think we’re supposed to have one more, but not sure.

She’s been doing some runs for BHP, nice looking boat.

GOL has or (had) in 2010,a newbuild program in place to build 8 new vessels, 4 deepwater 300’ PSV’s built at Thomas Sea and 4 of the 220’ Fast Supply Vessels built at Gulf Craft.

Don’t know the reason why they made the Chief shorter. And don’t know if they’re making the rest the same size as the Netty either.