Biggest demand for entry level - SIU, MSC, SUP, MFOW etc

For those greenhorns with nothing but a TWIC + MMC + STCW Basic Safety + SA + VPDSD, what entry has the greatest demand and what mid level has the greatest demand? (Ive already searched but its mixed and everyone says engine but there appears to be a 2:1 engine:deck ratio for entry right now.

I’m interested in Chief Cook or engine but there seems to be an overflow of new engine entry levels and few Stewards with SIU saying they are booked til the end of the year and seems like aiming for Steward would be much easier to land an apprenticeship or as a C book Ordinary Seaman. For people in these unions right now, whats your take right now?

Due to your self selected user name and one of the longest run-on sentences I’ve seen in a while…SIU Steward Dept. is right up your alley. Good luck.