Biden signs ocean shipping reform act

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So problem solved by the stroke of a pen.
No more congestions at US ports. No more shortage of chassis. No more road or rail congestion.
No more shortage of drivers, warehouse space, or workers to handle the goods at destination.
From now on the exporters will have plenty of time to get containers to the ports once they have filled them with goods and products for export. Ships will wait for them at no costs.

But it does NOT fix the problem at the other end, like the lockdowns in China and shortage of empty containers there, or make more (US-flagged) ships available to carry the containers across oceans.

US consumers and exporters will still be “at the mercy of greedy foreign Shipowners” that take advantage of helpless US consumers, who have to wait and pay more for their sneakers etc.

PS> A bit surprising that costlier ocean transport cause “major” increase in the price of consumer goods, but higher cost caused by the Jones Act does not add much to the cost of goods in Hawaii, PR or Alaska.

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According to fig 13 the Netherlands is the least restrictive of the pack.


Don’t feed the troll

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The “Ocean Shipping Reform Act” was signed Thursday. It is designed to help curb inflation, ease shipping back-logs and lower costs for American families.
How does this bill plan to curb inflation, ease shipping back logs, and lower costs for American Families ? Ease Jones act requirements perhaps ? Where were the Unions ?
For years some have lobbied against the Jones act, argueing the Jones Act was a major cause of shipping back logs, inflation, higher costs for American families. Now we have a law that is designed to ???

JP Morgan is of the opinion waiving the Jones Act will not make much difference on the pump price:


Rising cost of shipping goods from China to the US on the other hand, cause hyperinflation.
Nothing to do with rising fuel costs, rising housing costs and the pandemic. (??)

Troll??? These are Trolls from Norwegian folklore:

They enjoy the attention of lots of tourists these days.
The top of their heads are getting a little worn from all the stroking though

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Not that kind of troll.


You didn’t like those trolls?
Here is a different one I saw in the window of a Souvenir shop in town the other day:

Probably intended for Arab tourist??

Joke aside, I do understand the meaning of “Internet Troll” and I do NOT think I fit in that category.

Most “Trolls” are anonymous: I operate under my name in this and other forum, even if anonymous posts are allowed (like here)

I base my posts and opinions on over 55 years of maritime experience all over the world, in different
maritime industries and in many different positions. (1959 - 2016)

Yes I also have opinions about things other than maritime, which is also based on a long life of traveling and working worldwide, with people of all races, religions, nationalities and opinions.

I do go OT at times as natural evolution of a thread (in most cases)
Usually that gets “arrested” quickly and moved to a new thread by an Admin.

Looks to me like many here define Internet Troll as:
Someone that has another opinion than me.
Someone foreign.


Not that I’ve seen. But I’d be curious to know what you think an internet troll is.

Define foreign. There are people from all over the world that comment on this forum.
Geezus, if you step across any border you are a foreigner. The USA considers everyone foreign. Hell, people from Massachusetts are considered foreigners by people in California and Texans consider everyone foreigners yet they all reside in the same country.
While working out of the USA I was amused to be with US crew out of the country for their first time. I was giving them a tour stopped for a snack and the restaurant owner asked them where they were from and they replied, ‘America’. The owner asked,“Which one. North, Central or South and which country?”


Foreign (foreigner);
Someone from another country than you.
Someone who was not born in your country, but live there.
Someone who’s has a different skin colour than you, who’s parents migrated to your country long ago.

At least that appears to be the definition here in Norway.
(3rd generation of Pakistani decent = foreigner)

PS> As a foreign resident of Singapore for many years I did not even expected to be seen as a “Singaporean”, although Singapore is a nation of migrants of many different races and religions, from many different countries, (some many generations back, some first generation born in Singapore and some migrants themselves)

Maybe you haven’t looked hard enough.

I just googled it. You can too, if in doubt

I didn’t ask you to look it up, I asked what you thought a troll was.

See pictures above.

Wrong type of troll and not even where the term comes from.

You asked what I though a troll was and I answered honestly.
Troll comes from Norwegian folklore, even if you think otherwise.

No, it does not. If you knew the correct meaning of internet troll you’d probably also know where the term comes from.

Ah you meant Internet Troll. Why didn’t you say so??
No idea why they hijacked a well known name like Troll to describe something so different.
I could always Google it, though, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.

Because that’s the kind of troll we’ve been discussing this entire time.

I’m still waiting.