Another Cato Hatchet Job on the Jones Act

The usual arguments, and the usual omissions.

Somebody needs to write a rebuttal and send it the Atlantic.

I think there is a bot that automatically sends these out every X weeks.
Short version - if Cato wants it, whatever it is, you don’t want it.

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It’s pretty effective propaganda. Less than a week ago I had a cruiser with his boat on the hard in the USVI complain to me that prices on the island were high because the Jones Act required all the imports to be delivered on US ships.

Did you explain the Jones Act does not apply to the USVI?
To be fair, the Jones Act DOES cost money. The bigger picture is how much more it could cost to not have it. Kind of like bitching about fire extinguishers :roll_eyes:

I didn’t feel compelled to go on about it but told him he’d been misinformed and suggested he read the Act.

Assuming that he will actually do that (probably won’t) you should be more specific To lawyers and maybe even Google, the Jones Act is about seamen rights and welfare (why shipboard injuries dont go to workers comp)