New JA legislation?

Any chance this will be passed in any form? Seems like now is a strategic time to adjust legislation because Offshore wind is still finding its feet in the US.

Biden’s been generally pro union/JA, but he has a dilemma: Pull the democrats to be pro US shipyards/mariners, or fold to pressure of offshore wind developers (and his 30GW offshore wind goal) who want to use foreign vessels.

If there was a Republican sponsor supporting too, it may have some legs, but since it doesn’t, its just messaging. Any attempts to change anything to the JA has been partisan.

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Not exactly Jones Act, but the new defense bill has in it a change of language to increase us flag tonnage investments by means of tax breaks for vessel owners; specifically for “vessels which carry crew and materials in domestic trades and may include other support vessels like certain dredges, harbor tugs and construction vessels used to facilitate trade such as wind farm vessels”

Yet more Jones Act news:
*written by a someone from the Cato institute but posted on Workboat

Basically the change is in response to that tanker business in Puerto Rico this year

Not just anyone at Cato but none other than our own @cpgrabow.

Perhaps he’ll be willing to take questions and respond to comments on this article.

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More than happy to do so.